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Sitting one mile off the coast of Jersey’s main town of St Helier, the Castle apartment sits within one of Jersey’s most iconic locations surrounded by the sea twice a day.

To stay at Elizabeth Castle is an adventure not to be missed. Sitting one mile off the coast of Jersey’s main town of St Helier, the Castle apartment sits within one of Jersey’s most iconic locations surrounded by the sea twice a day. Elizabeth Castle is available April to October.

Elizabeth Castle Apartment is for those who would rather catch their dinner off the breakwater rather than go to a restaurant in central St Helier. Cut off to the mainland by the tide at least twice a day, ferry transport is only available between April-November, when the Castle is open as a visitor attraction, from 10am-5pm. While it is possible to walk back and forth on the low tide, no other cars are permitted to drive across the beach to the Castle.

Elizabeth Castle dates from around 1590 when work was first started on the rocky outcrop and was once home to Sir Walter Raleigh while he was Governor of Jersey and King Charles II who sought refuge during the English Civil War. The Castle now sits within Jersey’s National Park. The apartment, split over two levels, overlooks the parade ground and the Governor’s House where both Sir Walter Raleigh and King Charles II stayed. With a recently refurbished kitchen and shower room on the lower level, the apartment sleeps up to six people with a double sofa bed in the living area, and upstairs a spacious bedroom with one double and two single beds.

Every day is a new adventure at Elizabeth Castle and guests who stay at the apartment always find something new to explore; climbing the battlements, exploring the turrets and bunkers, fishing on the Castle’s private beach when the tide is low or discovering the 550 AD Hermitage where it’s thought Saint Helier once lived.

If you would like to book, we strongly suggest speaking to our team first so we can advise you on the tides during your stay and when it is best to access. If you are visiting from outside of the Island, we suggest planning your travel arrangements around the tide to ensure a swift passage back to shore.

Aeiral of Elizabeth Castle

    "The children have explored every nook and cranny of the Castle."

    "We had a magical week at Elizabeth Castle."

    "The most amazing location to escape the hustle and bustle of Jersey."

    Facilities in detail

    • Only accessible by Ferry (April-November) or on a low tide
    • 1 double sofa bed in living area and 1 double bed and 2 single beds in upper level bedroom – linen & towels provided
    • Shower
    • Oven
    • Fridge & freezer
    • Dishwasher
    • Microwave
    • Crockery & cutlery provided
    • Central heating
    • TV with Freesat and DVD player
    • Access to entire Castle
    • Free crossing on Castle ferries
    • No designated parking
    • Dogs not allowed
    • Cot available on request (linen not provided)
    • Offshore location
    • No disabled access
    • WiFi available at Castle shop



    Low Season

    4 January – 31 March
    18 October – 19 December

    Mid Season

    19 April – 2 July
    11 September – 17 October

    High Season

    1 April – 18 April (Easter)
    3 July – 10 September
    20 December – 4 January 2022 (Christmas)

    2 Nights 3 Nights 7 Nights 3 Nights 7 Nights 3 Nights
    (Easter and Christmas only)
    7 Nights
    £454.00 £630.00 £1080.00 £715.00 £1365.00 £750.00 £1600.00


    [{"title":"Elizabeth Castle","lon":-2.1256,"lat":49.1754}]
    [{"title":"Elizabeth Castle","slug":"elizabeth-castle","lon":-2.1256,"lat":49.1754},{"title":"Archirondel Tower","slug":"archirondel-tower","lon":-2.023641,"lat":49.21199},{"title":"Radio Tower","slug":"radio-tower","lon":-2.239151,"lat":49.180778},{"title":"Barge Aground","slug":"barge-aground","lon":-2.232569,"lat":49.227589},{"title":"Fort Leicester","slug":"fort-leicester","lon":-2.081813,"lat":49.240333},{"title":"Cider Barn Apartment at Hamptonne","slug":"cider-barn-apartment-at-hamptonne","lon":-2.135972,"lat":49.224385},{"title":"Stable Apartment at Hamptonne","slug":"stable-apartment-at-hamptonne","lon":-2.1352711,"lat":49.2245175},{"title":"Kempt Tower","slug":"kempt-tower","lon":-2.227575,"lat":49.221225},{"title":"Fisherman\u2019s Cottage","slug":"fishermans-cottage","lon":-2.10697174072266,"lat":49.1756437538935},{"title":"La Cr\u00eate Fort","slug":"la-crete-fort","lon":-2.11195,"lat":49.251644},{"title":"L\u2019Etacquerel Fort","slug":"letacquerel-fort","lon":-2.067007,"lat":49.23828},{"title":"Lewis\u2019s Tower","slug":"lewiss-tower","lon":-2.233982,"lat":49.229754},{"title":"Seymour Tower","slug":"seymour-tower","lon":-2.025325,"lat":49.161838},{"title":"La Rocco Tower","slug":"la-rocco-tower","lon":-2.2341,"lat":49.198319}]


    The main town of Jersey is named after a Belgian monk – Helibert – who is said to have been cured of paralysis of the legs by a Christian missionary named Cunibert, who then gave him the new name – Helier.  He eventually set up home in a cave on the high rock which was later incorporated into the chapel, built in the twelfth century, which now bear the names Hermitage Rock and Hermitage Chapel. Helier was killed by marauding pirates from Normandy in AD555 but later made a saint

    The earliest known structure to be built on the two rocky outcrops on which the castle was subsequently to be built was the Priory of St. Helier, thought to have been founded as a monastery and oratory in 1155 but amalgamated with the Abbey of Cherbourg and downgraded to a Priory in 1179.

    The remaining buildings of the Priory were enclosed by the defences of the Lower Ward of Elizabeth Castle, constructed between 1626 and 1636. The church tower is said to have been demolished in 1639 and the nave was in use as a chapel in 1646.

    The buildings appear in several drawings prepared in 1650 and 1651, and, what remained of them, were included on Thomas Phillips’ plan of the castle prepared in 1680, by which time they were used as a chapel, stables and a cistern. It is not known precisely when the last traces of the walls of the Priory were finally demolished but this must have occurred before the Officers’ Quarters were built partially on the site of the Priory Church in 1735.

    The first attempts to construct defences on the island or islands later occupied by Elizabeth Castle were in 1550 and 1551, when orders were issued for building a gun battery to be garrisoned by six gunners. It is not clear, however, whether these works were ever undertaken or completed.

    By the sixteenth century, cannon and gunpowder had become the dominant weapon of war. By the end of the century the principal castle on Jersey, Mont Orgueil, was out of date and vulnerable to bombardment from Mont St Nicholas. A new site was chosen on the small island or islands in St.Aubin’s Bay and a new castle was built. Sir Walter Raleigh, who was Governor of Jersey between 1600 and 1603 chose the name Elizabeth Castle, after Queen Elizabeth I, and the name has been retained ever since.

    Elizabeth Castle remained in use up to and including the Second World War, when it was occupied by the Nazis. The occupation by the German forces commenced on the 1st July 1940 and eventually ended on the 9th May 1945 – Liberation Day. However, Elizabeth Castle was not handed back to the Island by the military until the 19th May 1946.During this period the island was heavily fortified using Organisation Todt construction workers from various parts of Europe, including Russia and Spain.

    A concrete fire-control tower was built in the Upper Keep, with an anti-aircraft position on the roof, whilst two anti-aircraft guns were mounted on the existing emplacements in the Lower Keep and a searchlight platform was built in Raleigh’s Yard.

    A series of huge concrete bomb shelters and gun emplacements were added to the castle, with many of them surviving to the present day.

    Images can be found at Société Jeriasie

      Property FAQ

      How many does this property sleep? Elizabeth Castle sleeps up to six people in one large bedroom with a double bed and two bunk beds, and a double sofa bed in the lounge.

      Can I hire the property for one night? The minimum number of nights available for all of our properties (except for guided experience properties) is two nights. Please refer to the pricing section to see the number of nights available for each season.

      How do I collect the keys? Elizabeth Castle is located in the middle of St Aubin’s Bay and is surrounded by the sea twice a day. Due to its unique location guests will meet a member of staff on site to access the property and collect the keys.

      Does anyone else live at the Castle? Our Site Supervisor lives in an apartment adjacent to Elizabeth Caslte Apartment and is happy to help with any queries you may have.

      Can I invite friends to the Castle? Guests are permitted to invite friends and family to the Castle during opening hours only. Guests not staying at the apartment must pay for crossing on the ferry.

      How will I know when the tide is high and low? Our bookings team willm advise you upon booking the best access times for the Castle. If you have any further queries during your stay our Site Supervisor or another member of staff will be able to advise you. We also suggest booking your travel times around the low tide to ensure you are able to get to shore.

      Does the property have parking? There is public parking nearby where parking paycards are required. Our bookings team can inform you further on this upon confirmation.

      What are the bathroom facilities? There is one shower room with a toilet.

      What heating does the property have and does it have a fire? Elizabeth Castle has central heating throughout.

      Does the property have a washing machine or dishwasher? There is no dishwasher or washing machine.

      Are dogs allowed to stay in the property? Dogs are not allowed to stay at this property.

      Is there an outside area? Elizabeth Castle is located half a mile out into St Aubin’s Bay and is open from March – November as a tourist attraction, however once the doors close to the public the whole castle is yours to explore, along with a pier perfect for fishing and a private beach and when the tide is low.

      How do I get back and forth from the Castle to the shore? Between March and October, ferries run between the Castle and the shore approximately every 30 minutes from 10am-5pm. A member of staff lives on the property so will be able to advise you on tides and crossings when you arrive. Please note, you cannot drive to the Castle. Outside of opening hours, the only access to the castle is walking during low tide. Please contact our bookings team for further information.

      Visiting Jersey

      How do I get to Jersey? Jersey is within easy reach of the UK and Europe by air and by sea. During the summer Jersey is served by over 40 departure points across the British Isles, including both scheduled and charter flights. From London airports there are up to 12 flights a day to the Island, with journey times of less than one hour. If you wish to bring your car to the Island, fast ferry services leave from the south coast of England and northern France from St Malo.

      Can I hire a car in Jersey? There are several companies you can hire a car from on the island, either before hand or on arrival. We can recommend Avis for car hire. You will get the best rates by going on their website www.avisjersey.co.uk

      Is it easy to travel around Jersey? The Island is nine miles long by five miles wide and is easy to navigate by car or bike. There is also a good public bus system which operates throughout the year.

      Can I hire a bike in Jersey? Jersey is great location for cycling with dedicated cycle tracks winding through the island, green lanes and open coast roads.

      What currency is accepted in Jersey? Both Jersey and Bank of England notes are legal tender in Jersey and circulate together, alongside the Guernsey pound and Scottish banknotes. Some retailers also accept Euros.

      Booking & Payment

      Can I pay a deposit? For our self-catering properties, if you are booking more than two months in advance of your stay we require a 50% deposit at the time of booking with the remainder due two months before your stay. If you are booking within two months of your stay then the full amount is due upon booking. For our coastal tower properties, the full amount is due upon booking and a refundable £200 cash deposit is due on collection of the keys.

      How can I pay? We accept Maestro (if issued in the UK), Visa, MasterCard and direct bank transfers.

      How do I pick up the key? Elizabeth Castle is located in the middle of St Aubin’s Bay and is surrounded by the sea twice a day. Due to its unique location guests will meet a member of staff on site to access the property and collect the keys.

      How can I cancel or change my booking? If you wish to cancel or change your booking, please contact our Jersey Heritage Lets team. Please note our cancellation policy detailed on your terms and conditions.

      What time can I check-in and check-out? The earliest time you can check-in is 2.00pm with a check-out time of 10.00am for self-catering properties. Keys can be collected for Coastal Tower properties from Jersey Museum between 1.00pm and 4.00pm on the day of your booking, upon producing a £200 cash deposit, and must be returned to Jersey Museum by 12.00pm on the day of your departure.

      How far in advance do I need to book? We always recommend to book as far in advance as possible as some of our properties are very popular, especially in the summer months, however we often have availability at short notice. We often require at least two week’s notice for a booking but please contact our Jersey Heritage Lets team to enquire.

      Do you have to be a Jersey Heritage member to book a property? No, our properties are available to everyone; however Jersey Heritage members receive special discounts and promotions. To find out more, please go to our Jersey Heritage members’ page.

      What happens if I can’t get to Jersey due to bad weather or I am delayed?  If for any reason you cannot travel to Jersey or your booking dates are affected by weather then please call the Jersey Heritage Lets Team as soon as possible. We do not operate a cancellation insurance policy and you will be responsible for any travel and accommodation costs incurred by you in relation to the booking. Please refer to our cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.

      What should you bring?

      With any self-catering property there are the basics you need to bring with you. Whilst we provide tea, coffee, sugar, soap, a small cleaning pack, logs for fires, bed linen, hairdryers, bathroom towels and kitchen cooking essentials there are a few recommendations for what to bring with you to make the most out of your stay.

      Beach bag – filled with everything you will need to make the most of Jersey’s beautiful beaches, including beach towels.

      Water sports – Jersey is well known as a water-sports paradise, so make sure you bring any surf boards, body boards and wetsuits.

      Binoculars – from the dolphin pods on the east coast to the world-renowned bird watching at La Mare au Seigneur in St Ouen’s Bay, and the views from the top of Radio Tower at Corbiere across to the iconic lighthouse, a pair of binoculars means you will never miss a thing!

      Wellington boots – Jersey is full of spectacular walks through fields and wooded valleys.

      Walking boots – With fifty miles of coastal cliff paths, and another fifty of green lanes walking boots are a must for the intrepid explorer, especially if you’re staying at Fort Leicester or La Crête Fort.

      A good book – essential for any holiday, but there is nothing better than a wood burning stove or fire tucked up with a good book and a cup of tea.

      DVD’s and board games – for those family nights in you may want to bring a DVD with you if you’re staying at one of our self-catering properties or a good old fashioned board game to enjoy.

      Torches – although most of our properties have electrical lighting and torches, we do recommend bringing your own.

      Water – Due to their historical nature or coastal location, some of our properties do not have access to running water or are on a bore-hole system. You will be advised on booking if we recommend bringing water with you or buying it locally. Please note bore-hole water is suitable for cooking and bathing.

      Terms & Conditions

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      Click here to read our data protection policy.

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