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Every donation matters Fundraising represents a significant part of Jersey Heritage’s self-generated income, and you can donate here to show your support of our work. Jersey Heritage is a registered Jersey charity, no. 411.

Donate £3

A donation of £3 could buy a heritage roof tile at Elizabeth Castle as part of the refurbishment of the site.

Donate £30

This could feed a piglet at Hamptonne Country Life Museum for one week.

Donate £75

This could pay for a heritage session at a community care home, giving residents the chance to reminisce, remember and reconnect.

Donate £100

This could digitise 66 photographs at Jersey Archive and make them available online for future generations to enjoy.

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How you can help

Shop at Jersey Heritage

All of our sites have fantastic souvenir shops, every time you purchase something from one of our shops you support our charity.

Give while you shop online

Every time you buy online from one of the stores listed at Easy Fundraising you can choose to support Jersey Heritage at no extra cost to you.

Payroll giving

You can make donations to us directly from your salary. If the accumulated amount over the year is £50 or more, we will get an additional 25p for every £1 you donate. It is an easier way to give, as your employer will administer the scheme and you can spread your charitable giving over a year.

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Become a Member and support our work

Being a Member means that you’ll be helping us to protect the special heritage you enjoy today, for generations to come.

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