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Islanders at War – The amazing stories from World War II and the Occupation of Jersey

Remarkable Women of Jersey – the story of women who shaped Jersey

Moments in Time – a nostalgic look at the Island’s heyday of tourism from the Jersey Archive library

Jersey’s Coin Hoard – How the discovery of a Celtic Coin hoard helped to rewrite history

Bergerac’s Island – The story of Jersey in the 1980s

Art on an Easel – Listen to artists talk about artwork in the Island’s collection

Seeing the Occupation of the Channel Islands through German eyes has always been controversial. When Channel Television reporter Alastair Layzell went to Bavaria in 1985 to interview Baron Hans Max von Aufsess he thought that, after four decades, viewers would be interested in the memories of someone who had been a key member of the German Field Command. But some Channel Islanders were offended that he should give airtime to Baron von Aufsess, the man who had been Head of Civil Affairs in the German Field Command, charged with mediating between the military and the States of Jersey and Guernsey…


Interview Baron Hans Max von Aufsess

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