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The Battle of Jersey 

As a British outpost within sight of France, an often hostile enemy, the Channel Islands were once a frontier on the edge of a war zone.

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Claude Cahun and Jersey

Claude Cahun (1894-1954) was an artist, photographer and writer. She is best known today for her surreal self-portrait photographs.

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Castles of Jersey

Why has Jersey been one of the most heavily fortified parts of the British Isles?

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Island at war

The Channel Islands were occupied by Nazi forces during World War II, read one woman's extraordinary story.

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Cider making in Jersey

Apple orchards and cider-making are an intrinsic part of our history, having once shaped the landscape, culture and economy of the Island.

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Dwarf Red Deer

Jersey Heritage has some rather unusual red deer bones on display at Jersey Museum.

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The Brighton Road tragedy

Donna Le Marrec, who works for the National Trust Jersey, uncovered surprising and tragic stories in her family tree.

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La Cotte

At La Cotte de St Brelade (La Cotte) in Jersey, appearances are deceptive but there is more to it than meets the eye.

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The History and Future of an Island’s Fortress

We are restoring Elizabeth Castle to ensure it is protected for generations to come

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