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Jersey Heritage and Economic Development Partnership Agreement

Jersey Heritage and The Minister for Planning and Environment Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Jersey Heritage and Customs and Immigration Partnership Agreement (2012)


Jersey Heritage Constitution


The Heritage Strategy for Jersey


Jersey Heritage Report on Legacies of Transatlantic Slavery in Jersey


Geodiversity Audit for Jersey

British Geological Survey – 2022


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Annual Reports on the works of Jersey Heritage and the Archivist under the Public Records

Jersey Heritage Report November 2009

The Value of Heritage

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Below is a list of policies that guide the decisions and responses of Jersey Archive. If you wish to deposit material with the Archive, the acquisition, cataloguing and conservation policies may be of interest.

New visitors may wish to read the policies regarding; access to documents and access to closed records. Those seeking information about the use of Archival material for publication in any format should consult the link to the media policy.

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