La rocco tower framed by sand dunes

La Rocco Tower

La Tou d'La Rocque-Ho

Join an expert guide for a very special experience staying in a tower built in 1796 to defend Jersey. Surrounded by sea twice a day, La Rocco Tower is a great place for an Island adventure like no other

Rocco Tower exterior
Pricing from £ 80 PP per night
  • Sleeps 7
  • Self catering
  • Guided experience
  • Basic coastal accommodation
  • Star Rating

    Family Stay

    We had an amazing family trip in the unique location of La Rocco tower - waking up completely surrounded by water with some stunning sunset and sunrise views

  • Star Rating

    La Rocco stay

    An absolutely great place to stay and a fun adventure. Wonderful and stunning views. Feel very lucky that this is on my doorstep. Thanks also you our guide Nick who was great to have around

  • Star Rating

    Great scenery, location and experience

    Fantastic 24 hours at Rocco! Peter, the guide was very knowledgeable and friendly and really looked after us. Marina was super helpful when we were booking. Views from the top of the tower are amazing and the boys loved the whole experience. Good fishing too!

Accommodating up to six people plus your guide, La Rocco Tower offers a truly unique experience. Standing on a rocky outcrop off the west coast of Jersey, the Tower is in Jersey’s National Park, half a mile offshore. It is completely surrounded by sea twice a day, but at low tide can easily be reached by foot only. You might want to use the Tower as a base for low-water fishing, birdwatching or guided walks at low tide.

The Tower has two floors, with a table seating area and a wood-burning stove on the ground floor and the bunk room on the upper floor, with a basic chemical toilet. Each group staying at La Rocco Tower has their own personal guide who stays with you throughout and ensures a safe stay at the Tower. They will arrange the best access times and ensure you get the most out of your visit. There are six bunks in the upper room for which we recommend you bring sleeping bags and pillows, with a separate room for your guide on the ground level.

Whilst the facilities are basic, there is solar power for lighting and powering the fridge. La Rocco Tower has no running water and guests are required to bring their own supply of drinking water, and to carry all their food, clothes and sleeping bags out to the Tower. In addition, all waste (including bagged toilet waste) will need to be brought back and disposed of onshore.

Please note, La Rocco Tower is only available to rent when the tide and weather allow safe and manageable access. We recommend you speak to our Heritage Lets team before booking your stay to discuss access times and guide arrangements.

La Rocco Tower in Bay with Tide In


Discover the history of this tower out at sea

La Rocco Tower was built between 1796 and 1801 and it derives its name from La Rocque Ho or Rocque Hou, meaning rocky islet.

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How many does this property sleep?

La Rocco Tower sleeps six guests in one large bunk room plus a separate area for a guide. You will need to bring your own bed linen and sleeping bags.

Can I hire the property for one night?

Yes, most guests only hire the Tower for one night. At the time of booking, you will be advised on the tide and when the Tower is accessible.

How do I collect the keys and how do I access the Tower?

On the day of booking, your guide will collect a safety bag from Jersey Museum, which includes the keys to the Tower along with a first-aid kit and some essential items.  Access times are very dependent on the tides. Your guide will advise you on your meeting point and time prior to your booking. We also suggest booking your travel times around the low tide to ensure you are able to get to shore.

Does the property have parking and can you drive there?

No, the Tower is only accessible by foot on a low tide. Guests will often have to walk through gullies and rock pools to access the Tower. There is public parking next to the guide meeting point.

What are the bathroom facilities?

There is one chemical toilet in the Tower. Rainwater is used for washing and brushing teeth but all drinking water must be taken with you. All waste (including bagged toilet waste) will need to be brought back and disposed of onshore.

What heating does the property have and does it have a fire?

La Rocco Tower has a wood-burning stove, which heats the property.

Can I invite friends to the Tower?

Only those listed on the booking form are allowed to stay or visit the Tower. Due to the short time the Tower is accessible, no additional guests are allowed to visit the Tower.

Are dogs allowed to stay in the property?

No dogs are allowed to stay at the property.

Is there a private outdoor space?

There is a battery at the base of the Tower as well as the roof, which can be accessed easily.

My friend is a Rocco guide, can they take me to the Tower?

Yes, often people know a guide who is willing to take them on an overnight stay at the Tower.

Is the Tower suitable for children?

No, small children cannot stay at the Tower.

Does Jersey Heritage arrange the guide?

Yes, once you have enquired about a date, we will find a guide to suit your dates.


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