L’Etacquerel Fort

A rustic retreat on Jersey's north coast

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Traverse the winding coastal path, lower the drawbridge and enter your own fort on the stunning, rugged north coast of Jersey.

Built in the mid-19th Century on a cliff side overlooking Bouley Bay, L’Etacquerel Fort is a great base for exploring Jersey’s rugged north coast or a camping weekend with family and friends. Built with traditional Jersey granite, the property itself is very basic, with no running water or electricity but what it lacks in mod-cons it makes up for in character and stunning views.

Situated along a steep coastal path in Jersey’s National Park, access is across the dry moat on a high wooden bridge. L’Etacquerel Fort is a back to basics property, with tables and benches in the guardhouse where there is also a large fireplace. Spread across two levels, the property has plenty of outside space along with a terraced area. Due to the location of the property, we recommend children to be supervised at all times. The Fort is not connected to any utilities, but there are two composting toilets on site.

As if you were going camping, we would recommend bringing sleeping equipment, food provisions and torches with you.

Aerial images courtesy of Traces of War Jersey.

    "It's not often you get to stay in a property with its own drawbridge to the front door."

    Facilities in detail

    • Basic coastal tower accommodation
    • Secluded property
    • Open fire
    • Private garden
    • Dogs allowed
    • Composting toilet
    • Parking (10 min walk away)
    • WiFi not available



    2 Nights
    Low Season
    2 Nights
    Mid Season
    2 Nights
    High Season
    4 Jan – 31 Mar
    26 Oct – 20 Dec
    1 Apr – 31 May
    20 Sept – 25 Oct
    1 Jun – 19 Sept
    20 Dec – 4 Jan 2022
    £320.00 £340.00 £380.00
    [{"title":"L\u2019Etacquerel Fort","lon":-2.067007,"lat":49.23828}]
    [{"title":"Elizabeth Castle","slug":"elizabeth-castle","lon":-2.1256,"lat":49.1754},{"title":"Archirondel Tower","slug":"archirondel-tower","lon":-2.023641,"lat":49.21199},{"title":"Radio Tower","slug":"radio-tower","lon":-2.239151,"lat":49.180778},{"title":"Barge Aground","slug":"barge-aground","lon":-2.232569,"lat":49.227589},{"title":"Fort Leicester","slug":"fort-leicester","lon":-2.081813,"lat":49.240333},{"title":"Cider Barn Apartment at Hamptonne","slug":"cider-barn-apartment-at-hamptonne","lon":-2.135972,"lat":49.224385},{"title":"Stable Apartment at Hamptonne","slug":"stable-apartment-at-hamptonne","lon":-2.1352711,"lat":49.2245175},{"title":"Kempt Tower","slug":"kempt-tower","lon":-2.227575,"lat":49.221225},{"title":"Fisherman\u2019s Cottage","slug":"fishermans-cottage","lon":-2.10697174072266,"lat":49.1756437538935},{"title":"La Cr\u00eate Fort","slug":"la-crete-fort","lon":-2.11195,"lat":49.251644},{"title":"L\u2019Etacquerel Fort","slug":"letacquerel-fort","lon":-2.067007,"lat":49.23828},{"title":"Lewis\u2019s Tower","slug":"lewiss-tower","lon":-2.233982,"lat":49.229754},{"title":"Seymour Tower","slug":"seymour-tower","lon":-2.025325,"lat":49.161838},{"title":"La Rocco Tower","slug":"la-rocco-tower","lon":-2.2341,"lat":49.198319}]


    L’Etacquerel Fort is a mid-19th century fortification, built over two levels on an isolated promontory on the north coast. L’Etacquerel was built in the mid 18th century to defend the eastern flank of Bouley Bay. Recently renovated as part of a Jersey government funded project to open historic buildings for public uses, the fort’s isolated location on the Island’s north coast makes it an ideal location for a family barbecue or picnic, a corporate function or as a base for youth organisations, leisure pursuits and activities such as kayaking or walking. It is perfectly situated for exploring Jersey’s northeast tip and countryside, and is within comfortable off-road walking distance of Bouley Bay and Rozel Harbour.

    The fort did not operate in isolation, but was an addition to the defences of the harbour to reinforce the firepower of Fort Leicester across the bay. That former fortification is available as self-catering accommodation, also as part of the Forts and Towers project. Both installations were upgraded over the years in response to threats of French invasion. As the French threat gradually receded, the British government eventually abandoned fortifications like L’Etacquerel and Fort Leicester, leaving them in the hands of the States of Jersey.

    Ordnance Survey maps of 1935, 1981 and 2003 show L’Etacquerel as a disused site, although the States carried out £90,000 of repairs in the early 1990s. The property is now operated as basic ‘stone tent’ accommodation, the buildings are unfurnished and the property is not connected to utility services. The guardhouse is fitted with a fireplace and logs are provided.

    Open fires are not permitted anywhere else in the site due to L’Etacquerel’s location in an expanse of unmanaged natural vegetation, and to protect the vegetation within the fort which provides an important habitat for the creatures that live there.

    To read more about L’Etacquerel Fort, please se our conservation statement.

    Images can be found at Société Jeriasie

    Property FAQ

    How many does this property accommodate?

    L’Etacquerel Fort can accommodate up to 10 people. Very much like camping you will need to bring all of your sleeping equipment with you.


    Can I hire the property for one night?

    The minimum number of nights available for all of our properties (except for guided experience properties) is two nights.

    Is the property suitable for children?

    The tower is not suitable for children under the age of eight years old.

    How do I collect the keys?

    Keys for L’Etacquerel Fort can be collected from Jersey Museum on the day of booking

    Is a deposit required?

    £500 refundable deposit is required on collection of the keys from Jersey Museum. Deposits are returned following the property being checked by a site supervisor, subject to terms and conditions.

    Does the property have parking?

    L’Etacquerel Fort is located on of Jersey’s scenic cliff paths and is approximately a 10 minute walk from the nearest public car park.

    Does the property have running water or electricity?

    The property has no running water or electricity. Very much like camping you will need to bring all of your sleeping equipment with you, including torches.

    What are the toilet facilities?

    There are two compostable toilets located within the grounds of the property.


    Does the property have a fire? L’Etacquerel Fort has an open fire, for which you will be given a supply of logs.


    Are dogs allowed to stay in the property? Yes, dogs are allowed on the property.


    Visiting Jersey

    How do I get to Jersey? Jersey is within easy reach of the UK and Europe by air and by sea. During the summer Jersey is served by over 40 departure points across the British Isles, including both scheduled and charter flights. From London airports there are up to 12 flights a day to the Island, with journey times of less than one hour. If you wish to bring your car to the Island, fast ferry services leave from the south coast of England and northern France from St Malo.


    Can I hire a car in Jersey? There are several companies you can hire a car from on the island, either before hand or on arrival. We can recommend Avis for car hire. You will get the best rates by going on their website www.avisjersey.co.uk.


    Is it easy to travel around Jersey? The Island is nine miles long by five miles wide and is easy to navigate by car or bike. There is also a good public bus system which operates throughout the year.


    Can I hire a bike in Jersey? Jersey is great location for cycling with dedicated cycle tracks winding through the island, green lanes and open coast roads.


    What currency is accepted in Jersey? Both Jersey and Bank of England notes are legal tender in Jersey and circulate together, alongside the Guernsey pound and Scottish banknotes. Some retailers also accept Euros.


    Booking & Payment

    Can I pay a deposit? For our coastal tower properties, the full amount is due upon booking and a refundable £500 cash deposit is due on collection of the keys.

    How can I pay? We accept Maestro (if issued in the UK), Visa, MasterCard and direct bank transfers.

    How do I pick up the key? For coastal tower bookings, keys are collected from Jersey Museum, St Helier on the presentation of £500 cash deposit.


    How can I cancel or change my booking? If you wish to cancel or change your booking, please contact our Jersey Heritage Lets team. Please note our cancellation policy detailed on your terms and conditions.


    What time can I check-in and check-out? Keys can be collected for Coastal Tower properties from Jersey Museum between 1.00pm and 4.00pm on the day of your booking, upon producing a £500 cash deposit, and must be returned to Jersey Museum by 12.00pm on the day of your departure.


    How far in advance do I need to book? We always recommend to book as far in advance as possible as some of our properties are very popular, especially in the summer months, however we often have availability at short notice. We often require at least two week’s notice for a booking but please contact our Jersey Heritage Lets team to enquire.


    Do you have to be a Jersey Heritage member to book a property? No, our properties are available to everyone; however Jersey Heritage members receive special discounts and promotions. To find out more, please go to our Jersey Heritage members’ page.


    What happens if I can’t get to Jersey due to bad weather or I am delayed?  If for any reason you cannot travel to Jersey or your booking dates are affected by weather then please call the Jersey Heritage Lets Team as soon as possible. We do not operate a cancellation insurance policy and you will be responsible for any travel and accommodation costs incurred by you in relation to the booking. Please refer to our cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.


    What should you bring?

    For our more basic, coastal tower properties we recommend all of the above as per our self-catering items, with some additional extras.


    Food provisions – Our Coastal Towers are a great base for your next adventure, but no explorer can venture out without suitable provisions. We do not provide any food or refreshments at our Coastal Towers.


    Disposable barbeque – Bring along a barbeque to cook your food during your stay.


    Sleeping bags, pillows and camp beds – There a no beds at L’Etacquerel Fort, so to ensure a comfy night’s sleep please ensure you bring all of your sleeping equipment with you.


    Toilet roll – Whilst most of our Coastal Towers are located near a public toilet, for which we supply a key where necessary, an essential part of our packing should include toilet roll for when nature calls!


    Find out more about what’s happening at Jersey Heritage during your stay here, or Jersey Tourism for a full of Island activities. If you have a question for our team about booking your stay, please email us.


    Terms & Conditions

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