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Rediscover Jersey from the comfort of home with our armchair tours.

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Rediscover Jersey from the comfort of home with our armchair tours.

Elizabeth Castle Hospital Block Tour – discover the stories about this unique building

The Maritime Landscape – a humorous tour of our Island's maritime history

Spiritual Tours – discover the Island's dolmen and standing stones

Elizabeth Castle – take a virtual tour of this 400 year old fortress

Mont Orgueil – a virtual tour of this iconic castle

The Hospital Block Tour

The Hospital Block at Elizabeth Castle is closed to the public until it can be restored and presented as a Victorian military hospital. Take a virtual tour of the building and enjoy a sneak peek inside to discover some of its history…

Maritime Heritage

Part One takes you from St Helier Harbour, to the King with two left feet and Part Two looks at the Victorian seaside town of Havre des Pas through history to St Catherine's breakwater, with a stop off on the moon!  Part three is the tale of the north coast, where you can take your holiday orders from the garrison commander at Fort Leicester and meet the black dog. Finally, part four takes you to the southwest coast where you'll meet the cod fishermen.


We’ve been back through our archive of talks and tours and in this series of armchair tours, take a closer look at the Island’s spiritual heritage. Part one tells the story of Le Mont Ubé and part two looks at Ville es Nouaux.  Part three looks at La Sergenté and how a Jersey dolmen ended up in the UK.  Part four takes a closer look at the Great, Little and Broken Menhirs & The Ossuray.  Part five looks at Les Monts Grantez and what they found when the site was discovered and why people still leave offerings there today.  Tour six takes you to the impressive rock called Le Pincale and the stone axes, bronze age and Roman remains found at this ancient site

Elizabeth Castle

A brief introduction to the magnificent Elizabeth Castle and some of the stories that it has told over hundreds of years.

Mont orgueil castle

Take a virtual tour of magnificent Mont Orgueil Castle – find out how hard it is to attack or how you’d defend yourself from inside the Castle walls. Discover the stories of the Castle, from its Medieval origins to its Tudor past.