Audio Tours

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Elizabeth Castle

Download the tour. Originally known as the New Castle, it was named by Sir Walter Raleigh (who was the Governor of Jersey from 1600 to 1603) in honour of Queen Elizabeth I.


Mont Orgueil Castle

Download the tour. Construction of the castle began in the early 13th century, when King John lost control of Normandy and the Channel Islands suddenly found themselves on the edge of a war zone.


The Spiritual Landscape

Download the tour. The 6,000-year-old burial site at La Hougue Bie is considered one of the largest and best preserved Neolithic passage graves in Europe.  Download the map.


The Military Landscape

Download the tour. The wars between the French and the English have played a major part in Jersey’s history. This guide traces the development of Jersey’s historic fortifications. Download the map.


The Maritime Landscape

Download the tour. Our coastline is dotted with harbours and havens and, as we explore this maritime landscape, you will learn about the Island's once thriving shipbuilding industry. Download the map.