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Meet the Island's Ice Age archaeology collection

Talk from Dr Matt Pope - 10 Years Investigating Jersey’s Exceptional Ice Age Archaeology

Talk from Dr Chantal Conneller  -Engraved Plaquettes

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La Cotte de St Brelade

La Cotte de St Brelade is more than a dramatic part of Jersey’s coastline. It’s a time capsule holding 250,000 years of stories. But it’s under threat from storms and rising sea-levels.

What’s left for future generations depends entirely on our actions today. Watch our new film about this ancient site to find out more.

Meet the Collections

Join Olga Finch, Jersey Heritage's Curator of Archaeology and Georgia Robinson the Historic Environment and Finds Officer as they talk  about the Island's Ice Age archaeology.

Island Neanderthals: 10 Years Investigating Jersey’s Exceptional Ice Age Archaeology

Talk by Dr Matt Pope. A focus on Jersey’s record, why it is so exceptional and thinking about future discoveries and what we are still to learn about the Island’s deep Ice Age past.

Engraved Plaquettes with Dr chantal conneller

Dr Chantal Conneller of Newcastle University, take a closer look at the engraved schist plaquettes – said to be the earliest art in the British Isles - recovered from Les Varines and the analysis that has done using scientific methods to explore the production of designs, and use and deposition of the stones.

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Ice Age walks -›

Take one of our walking guides designed to introduce you to three distinctive parts of Jersey's Ice Age coast.

Find out more -›

La Cotte has the potential to surprise us with incredible new stories. It’s a big and exciting project and we need your help!

Tracing our ancestors -›

Jersey Heritage asked four people living in Jersey today to take part in a project to uncover the mysteries of their own ancestry as well as play an active role in a quest to map their and our genetic journey.

Mighty Mammoths. What really happened at La Cotte? -›

For years we have believed that woolly mammoths were herded over the cliffs at Ouaisné to fall their deaths and provide food for Neanderthal Man. But that theory, developed forty years ago, is being re-examined by the Ice Age Jersey archaeologists using new technology.