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The Link Gallery hosts a rolling programme of local artists exhibiting their latest work. These exhibitions are always free to access.



Jersey Museum & Art Gallery - Merchant's House

The Link Gallery at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery, Merchants House

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29-02-2016 10:00 30-12-2016 16:00 36 Link Gallery Exhibitions Sponsored by Lloyds Bank

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Jersey Museum & Art Gallery - Merchant's House Jersey Heritage DD/MM/YYYY Mon 29 Feb 2016 10:00 - Fri 30 Dec 2016 16:00

Celena Borfiga – abstract paintings

Celina Borfiga in the Link Gallery 1 - 30 December


Celina's love of blue and turquoise, the influence of living by the sea as a child, and years of training in T'ai Chi have given her a fascination for movement and energy. The effect of mist and fog is also a source of inspiration for her abstract paintings - the way it hovers over the coastline, or spreads across the beach, making everything look vague and mystical. For Celina it's about trying to capture something intangible that makes abstract painting so fascinating.


This is Celina's first solo exhibition.


The Link Gallery at Jersey Museum is open 9am-4pm Monday-Saturday, and 10am-4pm on Sundays.