Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre

Shaped by Tide and Time

    The FREE Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre introduces the story of Jersey’s geological heritage

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    Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

    The Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre, sponsored by Saltgate, introduces the story of Jersey’s geological heritage and is the Island hub for informatin on exploring Jersey to see first-hand how geology has shaped and influenced the Island we know today.


    Geoparks celebrate the links between people and the Earth and the Visitor Centre will show people why Jersey’s outstanding landscapes and seascapes could make the Island a candidate for future designation.  Jersey is more than just the rock it is made of – our Island is an incredible combination of natural, built and intangible heritage. A Geopark can tell the whole story and, if Jersey is successful in achieving a designation, it will be a statement of commitment to protect the Island we all love and to promote the landscapes, seascapes and heritage that are important to Islanders.


    The Visitor Centre takes a closer look  at what a Geopark could mean for Jersey and how people can get involved in the project. It includes sounds recorded around the Island; geological facts and figures; film footage of life underwater around Jersey; and information about wildlife to look out for around the Island.




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    The Island has been shaped by tide and time over millions of years. Jersey’s exceptional geology and important cultural heritage form the outstanding surroundings we enjoy every day.


    Visit the Geopark website for more information and links on exploring the Island.


    Visitor Centre sponsored by Saltgate