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Bouan Appétit!

Our exhibition will give you plenty of food for thought!

We are what we eat! An exhibition celebrating Jersey’s rich heritage of farming, fishing and food


  • 15 July 2023 - 30 December 2024
  • Jersey Museum, Art Gallery & Victorian House

Our Island identity is shaped by the landscape, our south-facing côtils, the sea that surrounds us. From our iconic Jersey Royal potatoes to our world-famous Jersey cows to our stunning shellfish, Jersey is celebrated for its food.

Step back in time to find an Island covered in apple orchards when cider was our major export, explore the future of farming in an Island with a growing population, and discover some of our local specialities like the famous ‘merveille’ or Jersey wonder.


Feeding St Helier

In the first half of the 19th century, the population of Town grew rapidly. Parish Of St Helier’s markets expanded to feed these extra people.

Explore the story of the markets through maps, artworks and archive photographs in this new display in the ‘Bouan Appétit!’ exhibition which is supported by Jersey Heritage Patrons & Benefactors.  


This wonderful Tourism film from 1958 captures the glamour of dining out in Jersey!

2 minutes 2 seconds watch

Images thanks to:

Jersey Evening Post Photographic Archive

Jersey Evening Post

Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive


Jersey Museum, Art Gallery & Victorian House

In the heart of St Helier you’ll discover the story of Jersey

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