emps Passe Howard D 1937

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Discover fascinating historic sites and collections with the new Jersey Heritage podcast. From the secrets of the Cold War Bunker to the treasures of the Archive, our expert guides will take you behind the scenes at Jersey Heritage and introduce you to intriguing stories from the past.

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Jersey’s Cold War Bunker

Uncover the secrets of Jersey’s Cold War Bunker with some of the people who worked there in the 1980s. They describe its operational role and share their memories of the fateful night in 1986 when the Chernobyl accident threatened to turn a nuclear nightmare into reality.


The Radio Tower

Discover the history of the landmark Radio Tower that stands high on the cliffs at La Corbiere overlooking the lighthouse and Jersey’s dramatic south-west coastline. What were the many challenges of converting this concrete German tower into a unique holiday home?


Jersey Archive

Step behind the scenes at Jersey Archive and explore fascinating stories from the collection of  Aliens Registration Cards. From Breton farm workers to South American piano teachers, Jersey was a surprisingly international community in the 1920s when these immigration cards were created.


The Historic Fleet

In this podcast we take a look at the story of Howard D, Jersey’s first motor lifeboat, and the rest of the historic fleet on display outside the Maritime Museum. 


Seymour Tower

In this podcast we take a trip a mile out to sea to discover the story of Seymour Tower and the magnificent wetlands site in which it stands.


Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

Discover the incredible love story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, and their daring resistance work during the Occupation.