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26 September 1916

26 September 1916 -›

Published: 9/26/2016

Les Blanches Banques Prisoner of War Camp can be a challenging posting for the guards on duty there, especially during the winter. ...

19 September 1916

19 September 1916 -›

Published: 9/19/2016

The authorities have been cracking down on anyone found breaking the regulations setting out wartime lighting restrictions....

12 September 1916

12 September 1916 -›

Published: 9/13/2016

Rumours circulating last week suggested that the Jersey Contingent has moved south from the area around Loos to take part in the tremendous fighting presently taking place on the Somme....

5 September 1916

5 September 1916 -›

Published: 9/5/2016

The case of Alice Krudewig has come to public attention this week through her attempts to seek help from the authorities after her Enemy Alien husband was interned five months ago....

29 August 1916

29 August 1916 -›

Published: 8/29/2016

There are serious concerns that the rising price of coal is putting it beyond the reach of the poorer classes....

22 August 1916

22 August 1916 -›

Published: 8/22/2016

The potential dangers of swimming in St Ouen’s Bay were underlined this week following the death of a prisoner from Blanche Banques POW Camp....

15 August 1916

15 August 1916 -›

Published: 8/15/2016

Plans to introduce compulsory military service in the island seem to have reached an impasse....

8 August 1916

8 August 1916 -›

Published: 8/8/2016

There has been worrying news on the fate of a vessel bound for Jersey carrying a cargo of coal. The 801-ton steamboat Stobart had departed Goole in Yorkshire under the command of Captain Stewart....

1 August 1916

1 August 1916 -›

Published: 8/1/2016

There is news that the Admiralty and War Office have decided to more closely monitor the production of postcards, to ensure none contain images that may pose a security threat. ...

25 July 1916

25 July 1916 -›

Published: 7/25/2016

There was a reminder in recent days of Jersey’s ‘dual-nationality’ when it comes to the war effort. ‘France’s Day’, a fundraising campaign organised by the island’s French community, filled the street...

18 July 1916

18 July 1916 -›

Published: 7/18/2016

An unusual and unexpected visitor caused a great deal of excitement this week. A huge airship, believed to be French, flew over the island at low height, leading people to stop what they were doing an...

11 July 1916

11 July 1916 -›

Published: 7/11/2016

Having completed her two month prison sentence for falsifying Alien registration papers, Mrs Maria Ramm left the island under escort this week....

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