Let's make history

Our Island story is rich and varied, fascinating and rare. It’s the narrative of our lives and those who came before us; providing context to who we are and the Island we live in. When something is so important, we must come together to protect it.

Find out how you can make history  and discover how Jersey Heritage works in the local community to keep the Island’s stories alive.

Forts & Towers →

Jersey’s landscape is full of historic buildings – buildings that have protected, defended, sheltered and housed us. We breath life into old buildings by refurbishing them to serve a new purpose – holiday homes.

La Cotte de St Brelade →

La Cotte de St Brelade is a story waiting to be told. We know it is one of the most important Ice Age sites in Europe, but we don’t yet know what secrets it holds. Help us discover its story and make a donation.

Reminiscence →

The Jersey Heritage Reminiscence Programme is vital to so many in our community. Find out more about these important and life-enriching sessions.


Education →

We have hundreds of visits every school year with students discovering our amazing history, from the Stone Age to the Cold War.

Help us make history

If you would like to support Jersey Heritage then please make your donation here.