3 September 1918

War Roll committee appeals for information

The names of men who have served and died in the present war are wanted.

The names of men who have served and died in the present war are wanted. In newspaper adverts this week, the special committee established by the States is asking for the public to provide details of qualifying family members for permanent recording on the island’s roll of honour and service.

Established in April 1917, the committee’s task is to assemble the names of all men from Jersey who have been members of the armed forces since August 1914 and those who have died while serving. A question remains open whether this includes those serving and dying in the Mercantile Marine.

The list will go on to form an official record of the island’s wartime service and sacrifice, published following the war’s end to forever honour their names.

It has been a challenging responsibility given the numbers of men involved, the various services, ships, regiments and corps they have and are serving in and the theatres across the world in which that service has taken place. The committee, under its chairman Jurat Reginald Malet De Carteret, is therefore appealing for the public to help by coming forward with any relevant names and information.

Associated Record:

A/D1/W10 contains post-war reference to the island’s Roll of Honour and Service and its submission to the King in 1921.