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With Jersey Heritage, students can learn more about the story of Jersey’s history


Here you can find lots of information about Jersey’s history to help you plan your topic, learn more about Jersey history or even get some help with  homework.  Use the link to find out about the subjects and discover some amazing information

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We can provide in-person learning sessions or provide you with loan boxes as part of the Museums in Schools programme.

Replica Tudor items for a school learning session

Museums in Schools

Museums’ artefacts are available to loan into schools. Each artefact has been chosen from the Jersey Heritage collection of local historical artefacts. The artefact will come in the form of a loan box, with descriptions and some background information. The collection will come in its own display case for you to have wherever you think it most fits. Museums in Schools is sponsored by Ogier. Schools can also borrow loan boxes. These boxes contain replica handling objects based on a curriculum link that children can handle and use within a classroom setting. Museums in Schools and Loan Boxes are available to local schools free of charge. Museums in Schools is sponsored by Ogier

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In the classroom

We can come to you in school to provide learning sessions with handling objects and local information. Our service is free of charge. Use this email to book your classroom session.

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If you are a Jersey-based school, the Education Team can lead your school group around a Jersey Heritage site. These visits are offered free of charge and we can match the tour to your learning and class needs. Tours could be an hour, a whole morning or even a full day of learning. Please enquire if you would like more information about risk assessments, ratios and particular needs. The Jersey Heritage sites are accessible according to the normal seasonal opening times.

Organised school visits to our heritage sites are free of charge, however there is a charge per person to use the Castle Ferry (if required) when visiting Elizabeth Castle.

Here are some of the curriculum links available during tours of our sites. If you have any specific topic requirements, then we will be happy to focus on these.

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For schools visiting from outside Jersey, please complete our group booking form.

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La Hougue Bie

At this site our school tours usually focus on the Neolithic Period. We can talk about the role of ritual and religion with the passage grave and its uses beyond just burial, as well as the day-to-day life of people living in Jersey 6000 years ago with our replica Neolithic longhouse.

Elizabeth Castle

At this site our school tours usually focus on the Civil War. There is much to see at Elizabeth Castle, and tours can look at anything from the need for its creation with the popularisation of gunpowder and cannon, the English Civil War and divide between Royalists and Parliamentarians, through to its use in the Battle of Jersey. With a broad history of development, this site offers a range of interesting topics for school groups.

Mont Orgueil Castle

At this site our school tours usually focus on castles. At Mont Orgueil we can tell the story of life within a medieval castle, the different aspects of attacking and defending Jersey’s first castle, as well as looking at the stories that connect Jersey to both France and England through the Duke of Normandy.

Hamptonne Country Life Museum

At this site our school tours usually focus on’ Food and Farming’ and ‘House and Home’. The story of one site through history can be told at Hamptonne, with pupils being able to see how homes changed through different historical periods. Groups can also learn about the importance of farming and food in Jersey, and how some of its key industries have developed, especially with the help of the much-loved Jersey cows!

Jersey Museum & The Victorian House

At this site our school tours usually focus on Victorians, Toys, or a current exhibition. In the Victorian House, school groups can be taken back into Victorian times to look at the way that people lived and the story of No.  9 Pier Road. The Nursery is a great place to learn about the way that toys and games have changed over time. We also have a number of exhibitions that school groups can engage with, which have accompanying educational resource packs for school use.

Maritime Museum

At this site our school tours usually focus on the relationship between the Sea and the People. We explore how the elements change through the seasons, the years and throughout history, to show pupils the impact our weather can have. The Boat and People Galleries are used to tell the story of how this weather has impacted Jersey, its trade and encounters with explorers, traders, travellers and pirates.

Children in high vis vests visit a castle

Location Learning

Jersey is full of historic places. We can join your class on a location if you would like to visit a site of interest around the Island. Walking tours around areas of historical or geographical interest are available. Our service is free of charge.


School visits are vital way for children to learn about the past, find out more about the work we do with schools

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