The Channel Islands were the only part of the British Isles that was occupied by the German forces during the Second World War. Jersey Heritage holds a number of collections relating to this momentous period in the Island’s history.


Bailiff's Chambers

Bailiff's Chambers -›

The Bailiff’s Chambers Occupation and Liberation Files are inscribed on the UNESCO, UK Memory of the World Register.

Occupation Registration Cards

Occupation Registration Cards -›

The entire civil population of Jersey was required to register under the Registration and Identification of Person (Jersey) Order, 1940. The cards are inscribed on the UNESCO UK Memory of the World Register.

Law Officers’ Department

Law Officers’ Department -›

The Law Officers’ Department files contain a number of records relating to the Occupation of Jersey. The files are inscribed on the UNESCO UK Memory of the World Register.

Channel Islands Occupation Society

Channel Islands Occupation Society -›

The Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey branch) was set up in 1971 with the intention of investigating the period of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands and to maintain and preserve sites of special interest such as the German fortifications in the Island.

Private Occupation Collections

Private Occupation Collections -›

The Jersey Archive holds a number of private collections of documents that relate to the Occupation period. These include many letters and Red Cross messages sent by anxious relatives to people in Jersey.