Hamptonne Visual Story

A short overview of visiting Hamptonne Country Life Museum including sensory notes.

When you arrive and come in

If you arrive by car you will park in the Hamptonne car park. Or you can catch the number 7 bus from town and walk down the lanes. There is a sign at the entrance in two languages – English and Jerriais.

There may be a short queue at the ticket desk where people pay to come in. It can be quite busy in this area.

Sensory notes


The entrance to hamptonne country life museum

The entrance area

The Courtyard

You can walk around Hamptonne in any direction you like. Sometimes there may be a tour guide to show you round if you want.

A courtyard

Hamptonne Courtyard

Useful places

Toilets are available here, there is also a café – you can sit inside or outside

Sensory notes

Toilets – Seating available – Smells (food)

Outdoor seating

Outdoor seating

Historic houses

You can walk around the rooms and touch the objects – except for the spinning wheel as this is a very special machine that is used to demonstrate making wool. Sometimes there will be a person in the room to show you how it works.

There may be people dressed in old costumes and will explain what it was like to live at Hamptonne in the  past. You don’t need to stop and listen to their stories if you would rather explore on your own.

There is also a building which has a photography exhibition.

Sensory notes

Touching opportunities available – Dark or inconsistant light – Smells – Crowds

A 1940s style room

A room in one of the historic buildings


This might be a bit noisy if there are other children playing here. You could explore the orchard or meadow while you wait for a quiet time.

Sensory notes

Loud noises – crowds

a playground with slide

The playground

Farm animals

You will see lots of chickens roaming free at Hamptonne. There are also cows, pigs and rabbits in their separate pens.

Sensory notes

Opportunities for touching – Smells


Chickens at Hamptonne


If you want you can buy something from the shop before you leave.

Sensory notes

Crowds – Opportunities for touching

A country shop

The Hamptonne Shop