The Link Gallery hosts a rolling programme of local artists exhibiting their latest work. These exhibitions are always free to access.



Jersey Museum & Art Gallery - Merchant's House

The Link Gallery at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery, Merchants House

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04-02-2017 09:00 25-02-2017 17:00 36 Link Gallery Exhibitions Sponsored by Skipton International

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The Link Gallery is located at Jersey Museum and Art Gallery and is an exhibition space betweeen Jersey Museum to the Société Jersiaise. Each month, the gallery features an exhibition by a different Jersey artist, providing local artists  with a central space in St Helier to showcase their work.

As part of the Skipton Arts Series, Jersey Heritage will be offering the space to the Jersey Arts Trust for a Summer Take Over in May, June and July.

The Link Gallery is sponsored by Skipton International.


4 to 25 February.


Robert Allen is a 33-year-old artist and teacher who lives and works in Jersey. This exhibition at Jersey Museum Link Gallery brings together elements of his practice including painting, drawing and sculpture. The work he is presenting is a response to where the land and the sea connect and clash creating forms and colours that can be both aesthetically beautiful but also dangerous. His work is abstract in nature but is always based on the reality of the environment and landscapes which he has scrutinised and come to know intimately.

The material he has collected and used in his sculptural work come from years of ‘treasure hunts’ with his children as he teaches them about the landscapes he grew up in and in which they are growing up now. These are then assembled into compositions that reflects the flow and clash of the seascapes and landscapes taking inspiration from figures such as Kurt Schwitters and Cornelia Parker by leaving the materials raw and in their natural found state.

His paintings are also a reflection of the meeting place between sea and land but also where humans interact and engage in the landscape. The Dolmens on the east coast of Jersey have been a source of inspiration for some of the work where the landscape has been used and revered by ancient people in a spiritual yet artistic way i.e. arrangement in specific locations, compositions and placement.  Robert uses a clash of sculptural organic forms with vibrant colours combined with geometric shapes at times which act as markers for unknown routes and locations. His work leaves the viewer with as many questions as answers but these paintings evoke the sensation of experiencing the place that inspired their making.

Robert Allen studied Sculpture and Drawing at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall and Nuova Academia Belle d’Arte in Milan and has exhibited his work in over 30 individual and group exhibitions in Jersey, the UK and Milan. His artwork is for sale and Robert is available for commissions.

You can find more examples of his artwork and more about Robert below.

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Hautlieu Students




Juanita Shield-Laignel

Writer, Artist and Holistic Therapist, Juanita Shield-Laignel is delighted to showcase her life’s work in this Exhibition titled ‘The Artist’s Journey’.

Juanita began collecting pieces for her portfolio at a very young age and spent much of her childhood lost in the process of drawing, painting and creating, often taking inspiration from the daisy filled fields, surrounding her home in St Saviour.

This Exhibition aims to chronicle the Artist’s life through her work, but also to highlight the changes / development and growing processes we all undertake through this thing we call life.

Juanita is now the Editor and Features Writer for a well know local magazine and continues her Holistic Therapy work, most recently being invited to join the team at The Shalbeck Centre.  She had long dreamed of bringing together her love of words, art and therapies in a consistently usable way, enabling people along their own journey, search for authentic self and personal development.  This dream recently came to fruition with a set of Healing Art Cards.  

Fortuitously, Juanita’s designated exhibiting month of April, is also Autism Awareness month.  As Autism Jersey has been Juanita’s charity of choice for some time, she will be making a further donation from the proceeds of this exhibition.

Juanita hopes you enjoy this exhibition and that even a small part of her work touches you and brings you joy in some way. 

Facebook: Juanita at Spir-Art                   E-mail:


May, June and July




Trudie Shannon & Laurent Bonny

The artists in their own words:  "My name is Trudie Shannon. I am an artist and poet born and raised in Guernsey.  I work in waterclour but do not use the paint conventionally and therfore my colours are not the usual soft pastel shades one would expect but bright and vibrant ones. I also work in black and white. I always use a very fine brush regardless of the size of the final image. I held my first exhibition in 1982 and have exhibited my work consistently since then. I have held one woman shows in Guernsey, Jersey, Portsmouth, Buckinghamshire, Northern Ireland and in Brittany.

I have written poetry since the age of nine and have performed the same for approximately  thirty five years reading on BBC radio Guernsey and participating regularly at Open Mic nights in Guernsey and the equivilant in Tonquedec in Brittany I was long listed for the Bridport Prize for poetry in 2007. I was the guest poet at Spoken Word Paris in May 2016.

I published 'Beside The Water', a collection of poetry and paintings in 2015, this being my second collection to be published but the first with paintings.


  Since being in Brittany over the last fifteen years, I have met and collaborated with Breton artist Laurent Bonny. Laurent is an abstract artist who uses mixed media, often layering the work to give it body and texture. He paints working mainly on canvas but also on wood. He also creates sculptural installations. He has been exhibiting his work for the last  twenty years predominantly in Bretagne however he is currently showing work in Art Generation in  Paris.


 Laurent and I have exhibited together several times.  I write poetry for those pieces of his work that move me and have also gone on to illustrate those same poems myself. We do not so much work ‘together’

but are inspired by each other. We are part of an art collective called Echos.  As a collective we have performed over the last two or three years incorporating  the creative genres of music, painting, poetry, photography, dance and video."



Alastair Best




John Anderson 

John explains his work: "I'm an amateur artist and I've been painting and drawing all my life. I paint using acrylics or watercolour, and I'm handy with pencils, charcoals, pastels and inks. I work from sketches, my own photos and images taken from the print media. I'm happiest with figurative and narrative subjects, although I do enjoy going out with a sketch book, sitting on a bench, and then working the drawing up to something that can maybe be put into a frame.

This will be my first exhibition and I know that the works won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I did enjoy doing them – when I pick up a paint brush or pencil I’m immediately on holiday."



Nicola Lucas




Susan McGarry




Chantal Venton & P.J. Thomson