What is the difference between a house and a home?

House - a building for people to live in
Home - the place where you live

There are several different period houses to see on Jersey Heritage sites around the island:

La Hougue Bie - We have reconstructed a Neolithic hut. The floor plan is based upon evidence from archaeological excavations in North West Europe.

Hamptonne - There are two main buildings in which homes have been recreated: 

  • Hamptonne House has been restored to 1649 when it was the home of Laurens Hamptonne while the dower wing, which was attached to it shows the home of his son about 40 years later.
  • Across the southern yard is the Langlois Building which has been restored to the appearance of a home at the time of the Battle of Jersey in 1781.
  • Although the Syvret House looks as it would have in the 1830s it houses an exhibition.

The Victorian House,-  No. 9 Pier Rd, attached to the Jersey Museum has been restored to how it would have looked in 1862 when it was the home of Jeanne Nicolle, a  wealthy Jersey woman, and her French husband Dr Charles Ginestet.



Download the Lesson Plan. History - What were houses like long ago? 

The Tasks
The Photo Trail Worksheet. The pupils can take photographs of the toys they see. These can be downloaded onto computers and these can be shown while the class report on their visit.

Old and New Worksheet.  The pupils can draw two common everyday objects from the 1860s home and then compare them with the modern day equivalents.

Houses and Homes.  Quiz for pupils to complete as they explore the Merchant's House.

My Trip in Summary.  Worksheet for pupils to fill in, recording their visit to the Merchant's House.