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Family History is a journey through our past in which we use archive records to meet the ancestors who have shaped not just our features but also our personalities, values and everyday lives. Learning more about our forbearers or the place in which we live allows us to make a real connection to the past and sometimes understand more about our present circumstances.

On these pages you can get a flavour of Jersey’s migrant history, why people came to Jersey and why people left and what effect that had in Jersey.   Why people left Jersey for Australia in the 19th century, how the cod fishing industry in Canada had an impact on Jersey’s population and why workers from the UK were essentail to Jersey’s economy.

For more detailed research please visit our Archive and Collections Online or visit the Jersey Archive.

Some information for this site has been re-produced and adapted from Mark Boleat’s Jersey’s Population – A History, which is available to buy from the Société Jersiaise.


Migration Map →

A map that shows the movement of people to and from Jersey from the 16th century to modern day.


Jersey Immigration →

Why did French refugees come to Jersey in the 16th century? What brought Officers from the Napoleonic War to Jersey?


Jersey Emigration →

Why did 400 people leave Jersey for a new life in New Zealand in the 1870s? What were 250 Jerseymen doing on off the coast of America?


Get Started →

The Jersey Heritage Archives and Collections online catalogue includes a number of records that you can use when starting your search for your Jersey ancestors.

House History →

House History is a growing field of research for those who are interested in discovering the stories of the people who lived in their house over time

Migrant’s Stories →

Have you looked at a set of archives that you think might be useful for other researchers? Tell us about your family history journey.

Jersey Names →

Just click on the name to find out what it means, where it comes from, when it was first recorded as a surname and take a closer look at some people with that surname.