Let's make history

Education outreach

School visits to our heritage sites are a vital way for children to learn about the past. We have hundreds of visits every school year with students discovering our amazing history, from the Stone Age to the Cold War.

St Lawrence School visited Mont Orgueil to help them learn about their topic of ‘Towers, Turrets and Tunnels’, whilst St Luke’s visited La Hougue Bie to discover Jersey’s Neolithic past. Watch this film to see the children’s wonderful reactions on their visits.

Help us make history

History Weeks at St Luke’s School

This year, St Luke’s School has been learning about history in a different way. The whole school, from Year 1 to Year 6, learn about the same subject over one week. That means they can share their learning in school with each other and learn lots of different things about the subject. This year, they have learnt about the Stone Age, the Battle of Jersey and the German Occupation.

With support from the Learning and Engagement Manager, visiting sites and finding handling objects and resources, student have connected with history and heritage in a new way. St Luke’s have recreated paintings, re-enacted battles, made their own Identity cards, visited the Maritime Museum, made information mind-maps and cave paintings.


Taking history into the classroom

Handling boxes for schools let children feel the weight of a sword or a mail hauberk or smell the spices that explorers found, see the sharpness of a flaked stone tool, dress like a Celt or build a shield wall to try and see off the Norman invasion. Jersey Heritage Learning Department is building its handling collection so that children can touch, hold, wear and smell replicas from the past to learn more about history.


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