During Royal Week (30 May – 5 June), visitors to both of the Island’s Castles can enjoy following a fun Royal Trail, which is packed full of interesting facts. Over the long weekend, there is a grand picnic at Elizabeth Castle and a Tudor Day at Mont Orgueil, which is also an opportunity to see Equanimity, a world-renowned holographic portrait of the Queen commissioned as part of Jersey’s celebrations of its 800-year-old relationship with the monarchy. All these family events are kindly sponsored by Ogier.

An exhibition looking at the Queen’s Royal Visits to the Island over the years opens at Jersey Archive next Monday (6th) and the next ‘Meet the Collections’ event on Saturday, 11 June will give people a chance to look at objects and documents, including sheet music from the Coronation in 1953 and the programme from Her Majesty’s visit to Jersey in 1957.

Louise Downie, Jersey Heritage’s Director of Curation & Experience, said: “Jersey has had a special connection to the monarch of England since 1204 and the Island’s history is interwoven with stories about Kings and Queens who have sat on the throne. The past 70 years have seen a number of visits by Queen Elizabeth II to Jersey and we hope Islanders will join us in congratulating Her Majesty on reaching her Platinum Jubilee and enjoy the celebrations we have organised to mark this historic occasion.”

The Island became part of the Duchy of Normandy in 933 and in 1066, when William, the Duke of Normandy, conquered England, the ties between Jersey, the monarch of England and the Duke of Normandy were created. King John lost the last piece of Continental Normandy at the Battle of Rouen in 1204, but the Channel Islands chose to continue to pledge allegiance to the English Crown. The historic ties remain and Her Majesty is still recognised as ‘The Queen, Our Duke’. She first paid a visit to Jersey in 1949 as Princess. After her Coronation in 1953, she paid further visits as Queen in 1957, 1978, 1989, 2001 and 2005.

“Kate Kirk, Director of Marketing for Ogier, said: “Ogier is committed to supporting education projects and we’re proud to partner with Jersey Heritage to offer a series of family learning events packed with activities across the year. Next in the calendar are Royal Week, The Queen’s Hat, and Loving History Tudor Day, which will offer a mix of walking trails through Elizabeth Castle and Mont Orgueil and activities that everyone can join in with. These events provide such great opportunities for families to have a fun day out while also learning about our Island’s historic relationship with the Royal Family over the centuries and celebrating the Platinum Jubilee.”

More information about Jersey Heritage’s programme of Jubilee events is available at www.jerseyheritage.org/jubilee/.