Come rain or shine, high or low tide, Elizabeth Castle stands proudly in the bay protecting Jersey. The Castle has closed for the winter, but here our Love Your Castle project contiues. 

Find our more about this iconic site and our vision for its future.

The Hospital Block Tour -›

Closed to the public until it can be restored and presented as a Victorian military hospital. Take a virtual tour of the building and enjoy a sneak peek inside to discover some of its history…

Castle Tales - Canon Louis -›

The Castle may have closed for the winter, but we'll be sharing some of the Castle's stories with you. Discover Canon Louis' tale of the Priory of St Helier.

Castle Tales - Guard House -›

In the year 1810 the Castle would have been guarded. Here's a tale about the perils of the tide for those returning to the Castle from a night on the town…

Castle Tales- The Surgeon -›

Elizabeth Castle may have closed its doors for the winter but throughout this month we're sharing some of its stories with you. Here is the Surgeon to tell you about the garrison hospital...

Castle History -›

Elizabeth Castle is an Island fortress that spans 24 acres and 15 centuries, take a quick look at its history.

Tours -›

You don't have to be at the Castle to discover it's stories.

Visit -›

Thank you to the thousands of Islanders who visited the Castle this year.  The Castle will re-open in March 2021.