Big World Small Pockets wrote a blog post all about their adventure at Archirondel Tower.

"When visiting somewhere like the UK from somewhere like Australia, it seems mandatory to get involved in as much historical activity as possible. Whether its visiting museums, frequenting archaic tearooms or walking round relics and ruins, it seems that traveling from the “new world” to the “old world” unearths in many, the sudden and deep need to explore as many connections with “the past” as is feasible possible.

Being a born and bred European, this urge on our recent trip to Jersey in the Channel Islands, was not quite as strong in me, as in my Antipodean boyfriend. Saying that however, we both got pretty excited by the prospect not only of visiting a castle, but by actually being able to spend the night in a castle too. That’s right, when visiting Great Britain darling, one simply must stay in a castle."

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