Family History in Jersey

The Jersey Heritage Archives and Collections online catalogue includes a number of records that you can use when starting your search for your Jersey ancestors. Some collections we hold, such as the German Occupation Registration Cards, are unique to Jersey, some, such as records of Parish Churches will be familiar (though possibly in a slightly different format) from other archive collections around the world.

Step 1. What do You Know Already?

Try and write down all the details you know in a family tree – do be aware that sometimes family stories can be inaccurate when compared with the official records.

Step 2. The German Occupation

Did you have family living in Jersey during the German Occupation of the Island, 1940 – 1945? If so the best place to start your research is to look for an Occupation Registration Card

Each registration card contains personal details, such as name, address, date of birth and a photograph. Any child under the age of 14 is recorded on the back of the father’s card. Just before the Jersey was occupied a number of Islanders evacuated to the UK. Some of these families applied to come back to Jersey at the end of the war. The records of those who applied can also be searched by entering the name of the individual in the search box in our simple search

Step 3. Census Records

Registration cards and applications from evacuees will give details of places and dates of birth of individuals. If your ancestors were born in Jersey before 1911 then there is a good chance that their details will appear on the census returns. Censuses were taken every 10 years from 1841. The most recent census to be open to the public was taken in 1911.

Censuses in Jersey were undertaken as part of the UK wide census and records can be searched online via Ancestry

Step 4. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials

Channel Islands Family History Society Transcriptions

If you are able to trace your Jersey ancestors back to the 1841 census you will then be able to use the Channel Islands Family History Society transcriptions of baptisms, marriages and burials from all parish churches to trace your family tree further. The CIFHS transcriptions for each parish have differing start dates with some as early as 1540. The online CIFHS transcriptions for all parishes of baptisms, marriages and burials finish in 1842 which is the date that civil registration was introduced in Jersey. Access to CIFHS transcriptions is available to subscribers of our online catalogue. Once you have subscribed the collection can be accessed in a pdf format using the following link

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials post 1842

Jersey Archive holds records from the majority of Church of England, Roman Catholic and Non-Conformist Churches in the Island. An online list of the Churches we hold records from can be accessed using the following link

At present the majority of these records need to be accessed at Jersey Archive. The baptisms for St Helier Town Church from 1842 – 1909 have been transcribed by volunteers and are available for subscribers to view

Civil Registration records for Jersey are not currently available online. Many of the Parish Registrar’s have deposited their records at the Archive

We also hold copies of marriage registers for all parishes from 1842 onwards

Step 5. Wills and Testaments

Jersey Archive holds all wills and testaments of movable property from 1660 – 1999. Wills and testaments can contain information relating to the heirs of the family and division of property. All wills and testaments from 1660 – 1977 have been catalogued and can be searched for by individual’s name.

Step 6. Immigration and Nationality – Alien Cards

In 1920 the States of Jersey introduced the Aliens Restriction Act, which stated that all Jersey residents not of British origin over the age of 16 had to register with the Immigration Officer. From this process a set of cards were created with personal details such as name, address, date of birth, movement in and out of the Island and a photograph. Aliens cards are closed for 100 years from the individual’s date of birth. All cards that are open to the public can be searched for by individual’s name. Many cards are now available for subscribers to download.
View the Alien Registration cards here

Step 7. Royal Court Records

Jersey Archive holds the records from the Royal Court. The Royal Court records are concerned with the civil and criminal matters that were presented to the courts. The courts are divided into different sections dealing with separate actions.

An overview of records from the Courts can be searched online

Archive staff have also started to index all criminal prosecutions from 1797 under the name of the individual prosecuted. These can be searched for under the individual’s name.

Step 8. Militia Nominal Rolls and Pay Lists

Jersey Archive holds official nominal rolls and pay lists of the Jersey Militia. Information contained includes names and addresses of soldiers and details of pay, 1902 – 1938. These can be searched for under the individual’s name.
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Step 9. Royal Jersey Militia Attestation Papers

Jersey Archive holds attestation papers of the 11th Battalion Hampshire Regiment/Royal Militia Island of Jersey. These papers include details of individuals joining the Militia during the period 1929 – 1940. These can be searched for under the individual’s name.
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Step 10. Hospital Admission Registers

The Jersey General Hospital acted as both a medical hospital and a place of assistance for those who could not support themselves and their families. Admission registers to the hospital date from 1839 and many of the 19th century admissions have been indexed by individuals name and can be searched for online.
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Step 11. Prison Registers

Prison registers from 1814 – 1854 have been indexed by individuals name and transcriptions of the records are available to subscribers.
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Step 12. School Records

Jersey Archive holds school records, including admission registers and log books, from many of the Island schools. Log books have been indexed by name and can be searched for online:
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Good luck!

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