St Brelade's Chruch

The story is told of the building of St Brelade's parish church. The builders collected together all the building materials they needed in preparation, but the next day there was no sign of anything. They eventually found everything had been moved almost a mile away, near the sea. The workmen moved everything back again, only to find the same thing happened on the next day. They accepted this as the will of God, and built the church where it is today.

There were several possible explanations for this change of site. Some say that the site chosen by the builders was near a pagan shrine and the fairies didn’t want a church on their doorstep. Others say the devil was pleased to get the church built so far from the homes of most of the parishioners. Or was it that God wanted the church walls to be washed by the sea and chose the lovely location where the church still stands?

La Fontaine des Mittes

Nearby Les Rouaux (La Belle Hougue Point)is a spring known as La Fontaine des Mittes. Folklore says that this spring can give sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. The guardian spirits of fountains and streams were called the naiads who had powers of good or evil. Two of these nymphs, Arna and Aiûna, lived for several centuries in a grotto at La Belle Hougue Point. One autumn evening near the end of their joyful and peaceful life on earth an angel guided them to a home beyond the stars. As Arna and Aiûna rose they were reminded of their happy time on earth and cried a tear of sadness from each eye. These pure drops of water could not be received by the ground and so became a spring.

Le Lavoir des Dames

Hidden within the rocks at Sorel Point is a fairies’ pool called Le Lavoir des Dames. Folklore has it that any man who saw the fairies bathing there would be struck blind immediately.