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Our Island story is rich and varied, fascinating and rare. It’s the narrative of our lives and those who came before us; providing context to who we are and the Island we live in. When something is so important, we must come together to protect it.

Jersey Heritage is Gardien of our Island story. We care for it, promote access to it, bring imagination to telling its stories and inspire others to do the same. As a charity, we can only do this with your support. Through memberships, donations, volunteering and visits we will continue to preserve the Island’s memory and inspire people to create a better Island for everyone.

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Connecting the present with the past -›

Many Islanders live alone or in residential homes, often disconnected and lonely. Providing opportunities for them to talk, remember, laugh and reconnect helps them maintain a vital sense of identity in sometimes unfamiliar surroundings.

Help us host more of these sessions. Together we can make a positive difference for more of our elderly Island residents.

Share our island's stories -›

Outreach and Education. Teaching history to children matters. Each year Jersey Heritage commits to reach every Jersey primary school child through our learning programmes and fun interactive heritage packs. Providing materials that give learning a local relevance, we continue to support teachers and parents to introduce more than 6,000 children to our rich and fascinating past.

Immerse yourself in history -›

For twenty years we’ve breathed new life into 14 unique forts and towers. Opening them up as holiday lets enables hundreds of visitors a year to reconnect with some of our most intriguing and magnificent built heritage.

Help us keep the stories of these special and often ancient landmarks alive by staying with us.