We've had an interesting few days on the hoard. Viki and Georgia have been removing coins as usual in an area that didn't look particularly special except that it had a lot of plant material when they began finding a variety of tiny animal remains.

They all appear to be arthropods that were presumably living in the grass or straw that is mixed in between the coins.  I'm no expert on these animals so we'll be contacting our local learned society, the Societe Jersiaise, for some entomological advice on their identification.  In the mean time please do feel free to comment yourself if you know what they are as this would be really useful.  I can see what I think is a centipede, a couple of millipedes and something without visible segments but with a fierce pair of mandibles.  There is also a blocky, segmented thing that looked like the animal they put in Chekhov's ear in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan to control his mind.

Other than fun with bugs we're getting our new exhibition ready for March the 23rd.  This will be in the gallery space outside the lab and will be about the hoard and it's conservation project.  It's exciting because it will be the first time that we'll be able to display all of the coins, gold and other jewellery we've cleaned so far.