This is a significant moment in Jersey’s history. It remains to be seen whether actions taken today have consequences which will change the course of Island history and Islanders lives. Jersey Heritage would like to record this moment in the Island’s history so we can share this story in the future.

Jersey Heritage recognises that the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will have lasting implications for the whole community. It has changed the shape of our daily lives and will impact all our futures.

Whilst Jersey Heritage can document the official government response to the pandemic we need your help in recording our own reactions, as individuals, families, professionals and communities.

In the future, people will ask how life adapted during the coronavirus pandemic and how we returned to normal or possibly a new normal afterwards.


We are therefore asking you to share your thoughts, hopes and fears with us, as a record of this time in our history.  You can share your experinces on the following topics:

Personal experience: How have you adapted to life, work, shopping?  How do you interact with friends and family and share your news and views? How are you keeping yourself entertained?  How are you taking exercise?

Community experience: How the community is changing, what is happening to public gatherings of different types? How are businesses adapting and developing?

Material culture: How are objects, digital communications reflecting the changing experience, what new things are being invented?

Communications: How are you getting your daily news and information?   What's changed in the way you access this information?

A changing experience: How is the experience of coronavirus changing as the virus spreads across the world, how have your feelings changed as you navigate through this experience?  How has what's happened with the world and with other Crown Dependencies shaped your expereince?

What you can do

You can submit any of the following to Jersey Heritage.

  • Blogs

  • Comments online through our website

  • Art work, pictures and images

  • Videos

  • Audio

  • Memes

  • Stories

  • Diaries (keep a diary and submit the real thing)

  • Letters (explain your reaction to the Coronavirus to a future audience)

  • Day in the Life – record your day – choose one day and record it via video, audio or text.  


Contact US 

You can send us an email with an attachment here.

You can arrange to give us your content in person when Jersey Archive re-opens.

You can make a comment in the comments box below.