The Jersey Heritage Education Team are holding ‘Monarchs at Mont Orgueil’ sessions all this week to celebrate the Coronation and to share stories of Kings and Queens who have been influential in Jersey over the centuries, whether or not they visited the Island.

The free sessions take place from today until Friday (2-5 May) at Mont Orgueil Castle and eight schools are participating, including Grands Vaux, Les Landes, Rouge Bouillon, St Luke’s, Springfield, St Mary, Plat Douet and First Tower.

Education Officers are running 16 sessions in total, during which pupils will discover the stories of King John and why Jersey remained loyal to England rather than choosing France; Queen Margaret of Anjou, under whose reign the Island was French for seven years; and King Charles II, who sought refuge in Jersey during the English Civil War.

As well as hearing these stories, there will be an opportunity for students to take part in activities, such as making lollipop catapults, and to enjoy an audience with a Monarch in the shape of Living History character, King Charles II.

Helen Otterwell, Jersey Heritage’s Head of Education, said: “The Coronation is an exciting time for schoolchildren in Jersey. It is an historic moment and the first Coronation witnessed by them, and a lot of people living in the Island. Ahead of the celebrations, we’re sharing stories about the impact that previous Kings and Queens of England have had on Jersey over time and with all its royal connections, Mont Orgueil is the perfect place to do this.

“We love being part of the experience that schoolchildren have when they are out of the classroom and at one of our heritage sites, and we hope they enjoy learning more about past Monarchs ahead of a new one officially coming to the throne.”