victorian Valentine's Day Cards

It was in Georgian Britain that pre-printed cards first began to appear, with one surviving example dating from 1797, although these were not yet as popular as they were eventually to become.

Cards tended to feature elaborate paper lacework, embossing and other intricate designs. The more expensive the card, the more elaborate the design would be.

This meant it would be obvious how much your lover had spent on a card!

There are some lovely examples of Victorian cards in the Sociéte Jersiaise collections, here are some of our favourites.

Image one

This elaborate card is layered with cut paper lace, painted flowers and silk organza with added pearl decoration and was sent anonymously to the recipient in a special box.

Image two and three

Featuring gold tinted lovers knots, hand painted flowers and cut paper lace and a sentimental verse handwritten on the back My Dearest Dear and Turtle Dove, you are the one that I do love. I should choose you from among the rest because my dear I love you best.  But who wrote it?

Image four

This simpler layered card has even got an embroidered trim edging the central picure with the sentiment Dear Valentine I send you here, Love and Devotion from a heart sincere.