This spectacularly located headland ruin is thought to date from the 14th century.

Grosnez Castle is a ruined 14th-century castle in St Ouen, situated in Grosnez in the north-west corner of the island ofJersey in the Channel Islands.  Philippe de Carteret held it against the French when they held half of Jersey between 1461 and 1467, but it has been a ruin since the mid-16th century,

Sir John des Roches ordered the castle built around 1330, about the time of the start of the Hundred Years' War. The castle's purpose was to provide local farmers with a place of refugee from French attacks.

The ruins are open to the public free of charge

How to get there:
Route 8 provides a regular service during the summer season. During the winter you will need to plan your route more carefully with infrequent bus times. For full details please visit


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