If you can remember the fun you had dressing up as a child, becoming a knight, a king, a queen or a princess for a few hours of make believe, then please make a donation to help us create more memories like this for children visiting Mont Orgueil Castle.    

We need to raise money to replace the dressing up clothes at the castle.   Help create some memories and make a donation.

Children love to dress up and play. At Mont Orgueil we want to help bring their medieval castle experience alive by encouraging them to dress up as Princes, Knights and Princesses. 

Our costumes are now three years old and have become very tatty through massive use. We want to replace them and buy new wooden swords, shields and headdresses. We would also like to explain the uses and types of armour and clothing from the period by creating life-size figures onto which their components can arranged in the right or wrong way, as means of learning. You can help us to create a medieval world for children by helping us buy these items at a cost of up to £5,000.

Make a donation online or download the donation form here.