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1 January 2021

Registers giving details of the appointments of Procureurs, or Attorneys, give us an insight into an individual’s legal affairs. Procureurs were often appointed to act on behalf of individuals who wer...

Bankruptcy Registers

Bankruptcy Registers -›

1 January 2021

Bankruptcy Registers give details of all individuals who went bankrupt in the Island, they included those affected by economic downturns such as the Jersey Banking Crashes of the 1870s and 1880s and a...

Hospital Admission Book

Hospital Admission Book -›

1 January 2021

Help us reveal the past by adopting this Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1908 - 1914. Cost of adoption £297...

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses -›

1 January 2021

Imagine finding three generations of wedding dresses in your attic. The first dates from 1895, the second from late 1920s and third 1950s - help us conserve this unique collection of fashion history....