Our Island story is rich and varied, fascinating and rare. It’s the narrative of our lives and those who came before us; providing context to who we are and the Island we live in. When something is so important, we must come together to protect it.

Jersey Heritage is Gardien of our Island story. We care for it, promote access to it, bring imagination to telling its stories and inspire others to do the same. As a charity, we can only do this with your support. Through memberships, donations, volunteering and visits we will continue to preserve the Island’s memory and inspire people to create a better Island for everyone.


Registered Jersey Charity no. 411

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Fundraising represents a significant part of Jersey Heritage's self-generated income and there are lots of ways to support Jersey Heritage

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We're asking you to help us give this fortress a solid future for the benefit of generations of Islanders to come, it's up to you to visit, support and enjoy Elizabeth Castle.

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Jersey Heritage looks after over 750,000 objects, papers, paintings, maps, volumes, parchments, textiles, archaeological finds and electronic files - adopt one of our objects here.

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Did you know you can support Jersey Heritage simply by shopping online as some of the best UK retailers?