Not found all the Fairy Doors yet?

Here are some clues on where you'll find them!


1. Look closely at the tree near the vegetable garden

2. Take a look in the little garden behind the playground

3. Go down steps from the playground towards the meadow

La Hougue Bie

There are three doors around the mound.

Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

1.  Find the boat builders

2.  You'll find them near the wax works

3. Take a close look at the pebbles beneath a walkway

Maritime Museum

1.  They are safe, just out of reach of the Black Dog 

2.  Go and see the deep sea diver 

3.  Find the door on deck

Elizabeth Castle

1. You'll find it opposite the hospital block overlooking St Aubin’s Bay

2. Look around the Parade Ground

3. By the breakwater gate

Mont Orgueil Castle

All three are  in one place, just count the 50 steps up that lead to the garden