Since 1993 Jersey Archive has collected over 300,000 archival records charting the written history of the Island from 1378 to the present day.

Jersey Archive was established as part of Jersey Heritage in 1993.  The Archive is the Island’s national repository holding archival material from public institutions as well as  private businesses and individuals. Jersey Archive’s purpose is to preserve the unique written cultural heritage of the Island thus ensuring that future generations can access archival material to learn more about Jersey’s past.

Since 1993 Jersey Archive has collected over 300,000 archival records from the States of Jersey, States Committees and Departments, the Royal Court, H.E. Lieutenant-Governor, Parishes, Churches, Businesses, Societies and individuals relating to the Island. These records are now stored in our environmentally monitored strongrooms at the Jersey Archive.

For more information about visiting the archive and searching our records on line please visit the Archive Online.

Public Records

Public Records -›

Jersey Archive holds over 250,000 public records from the States of Jersey Departments, Parishes and Administrations. These records have been transferred to the Jersey Archive under the Public Records (Jersey) Law 2002 and include documents from 1378 to the present day.

Church Records

Church Records -›

Jersey Archive holds records from the Ecclesiastical Court as well as Church of England, Catholic, Methodist and Independent Church records.

Private Records

Private Records -›

Jersey Archive holds private archive collections from local businesses, clubs and associations, charities, families and individuals.

Film and Sound

Film and Sound -›

Jersey Archive holds film footage and sound recordings which tell the story of Jersey through moving images and oral history interviews.