What's On this Page?

Keep the kids entertained and take part in some heritage inspired activities.

Victorian Photographs - create your very own Victorian style photograph

Build a Dolmen - have a go at recreating or creating your very own dolmen in your back garden

Vikings - listen to our Viking tales and have a go at some Viking activities

Design a Castle - turn a cardboard box into a Castle to be proud of

Myths and Legends - find out about Jersey's stories and create some legend inspired artwork

Butter Making - have a go at making home-made butter with our 'how to' guide

Pirate Crafts - shiver ya timbers with some pirate inspired crafts


Take your own Victorian Style Photograph

People often think that Victorian photographs are of very serious people, but there's a really good reason why.  Take a look at our Victorian Photograph fact sheet to find out why they didn't smile.   Have a go yourself and take your own Victorian Style Photograph and send it to us.

Build a Dolmen

Have a go and don't forget to send us your dolmen creations.


Runes and Places

Have a go at writing your name in the Viking alphabet and find out if the Vikings ever came to Jersey from some of our Viking place names.

A Viking battle story

Take a Viking trail

Create your own Viking trail in your home!

  • Print out (or copy out onto separate pages these clues).  Then hide them around the house.

  • Give the kids the question sheet, or create your own at home, for them to complete.

  • Send the kids off around the house to hunt for the clues.  Ask them to fill in their question sheet and return to you when they've finished the hunt.

  • Here are the correct answers for those in charge!

design a Castle

Have a go at designing your own castle from cardboard boxes, loo roll, or anything you've got around the house.  Take a look at our castle guide and try to create different areas within your castle.

Myths and Legends

Jersey has a fascinating history intertwined with stories of curious magic and fantastical beasts. Would you like to find out more?

As a family, have a look online (you'll find some of these on Heritage at Home) for the stories behind the following titles.

  • St Helier

  • The Vioge

  • Jeffrey's Leap

  • William and the sea sprite

  • Fairies move the church

  • The Paternosters

  • Philippe's black horse

  • Janvrin's Tomb

  • Manor under the sea

  • Spanish ships on the rocks

  • The faithful dog

Draw a picture using whatever you have available at home – pencils, felt pens, biro or paint.

Create your own legend - Think about where you live, the places in Jersey that you like to visit and the people that you know. Use this as inspiration to create your own story. - The story can be long or short – the important thing is that you use your imagination and have fun writing it.  What does your story look like in? Draw the main character in your story - is it a monster or a person? Jersey Heritage would love to see you creations please email them us.

Read the stories below, you can make it full screen by clicking on the icon in the right-hand side, or you can download the stories here. Then answer the myths and legends questions.

Find more information on Jersey's myths and legends, including resources for Keystage One and Two students on our School Learning pages.


The Dragon of Jersey

Watch our animation of the story of the noble Sir Hambye of France, the Jersey dragon and how this links to La Hougue Bie.

Hamptonne Crafts - Butter Making

Have a go at making (churning) your own butter, just like they would have done at Hamptonne. Churning is the process of shaking up cream or whole milk to make butter, usually using a butter churn. 


Ahoy there!   Who wants to do some pirate art and crafts?  Here are three simple crafts you can do at home (it's easy to order the balloons on line), click in the bottom right corner to make full screen. If you want more pirate activities suitable for Keystage One children then take a look at our Schools pages, which have pirate worksheets, colouring and activities to download.