Mont Orgueil Castle Visual Story

When you arrive and come in

You walk up a path to reach the Castle entrance and you walk a little way into the Castle before you reach the ticket office/shop. There may be a short queue and sometimes it can be a busy area.

Sensory notes


a pathway across a green space with two yellow bollards

The pathway to the Castle

The Lower Ward

You can walk around Mont Orgueil in any direction you like. There are staircases, towers and secret rooms for you to explore. There are also regular guided tours.

Follow the main outdoor stairs up the Castle and once you get inside there are a number of smaller staircases to explore. Be careful because sometimes the steps are steep and uneven.

Sensory notes

Toilets – Café – Smells (food)

The lower ward of a castle

The Lower Ward

Useful places

A café is to the right as you enter the Lower Ward. Toilets can be found next to the café.

Sensory notes

Café – Toilets – Smells (food) – Loud noises

An open door

The Castle Café entrance

Dressing up room

You can borrow costumes to dress up as a medieval knight or princess.

Sensory notes

Opportunities for touching

Brightly coloured dressing up clothes

Dressing up clothes to borrow

Play area

This might be a bit noisy if there are other children playing here but there are other places to explore while you wait for a quiet time.

Sensory notes

Loud noises – Crowds – Opportunities for touching

A wooden play area

The play area

The Crypt

It can be dark in here and you will hear the sound effect of church bells.

Sensory notes

Lighting is too dark or inconsistant

Large stone room with pillars

The Crypt

Witches exhibit

This exhibit is at the bottom of the Keep. The room is dark and the exhibit makes a very loud scraping noise if you turn the levers.

Sensory notes

Lighting is too dark or inconsistant – Loud noises

An intricate metal fence

The Witches exhibit


There are exhibits and artwork to discover all over the Castle. Occasionally there are objects hanging from the ceiling and videos to explain things. One exhibit includes flashing lights.

Sensory notes

Lighting is too dark/bright or inconsistant – Loud noises

A dragon sculpture

An exhibit hangs from the ceiling

Outdoor areas

There is a lot of outside space to explore at the Castle.

There is a small toilet half way up the Castle

Sensory notes

Crowds – Toilet

A small garden and view over a harbour

The view of the garden

At the top

The view is brilliant from the top of the Castle but it can be windy up here!

A replica cannon and a large stone tower

At the top of the Castle


If you want you can buy something from the shop before you leave.

Sensory notes

Loud noises – Crowds

A small shop space

The shop