La Hougue Bie Visual Story

When you arrive

There is a small parking area and a bike rack. The bus stops outside the main entrance.  You can buy your ticket at the entrance.

Sensory notes


A brown hut building

Ticket area


There is an accessible exhibition space which features the Celtic Coin Hoard.  There is a film to watch, although you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to.

Sensory notes

Seating available

Exhibition cases at La Hougue Bie Celtic Coin Hoard exhibition

Exhibition space

Useful places

Toilets are found in the building opposite the entrance.

Tearooms are also in this area, there is seating inside and outside.

Sensory notes

Smells (food) – Seating available – Toilets

Woman and guide dog at a cafe

La Hougue Bie Tearooms exterior seating

Passage Grave

You can enter the passage grave but be careful because the entrance is very low. When it’s raining the entrance can also be wet.

Once you reach the end you can stand up inside. It is very dark with only a few small lights.

Sensory notes

Lighting dark or inconsistant

A chapel built on top of a mound

The entrance to the passage grave


You can walk up the mound on the footpath to reach the Chapel at the top.  There are places to sit down both inside and outside the Chapel.

Sensory notes

Seating available

outside steps

The steps to the Chapel

Neolithic Longhouse

In the grounds you’ll see a large  building,  this is a replica Neolithic longhouse.  You can go inside the longhouse and speak to a volunteer, although you don’t have to stay and speak to the volunteer if you don’t want to.   During the week the volunteers light a fire in the longhouse.

Sensory notes

Lighting dark or inconsistant – Seating available

Two people read sign inf front of a replica neolithic longhouse

Neolithic longhouse

Slave Worker Memorial

This bunker was built during the German Occupation. You walk down some steps as the memorial is located underground.

Sensory notes

Lighting dark or inconsistant

A low ceiling in a concrete corridor

The Slave Worker Memorial


There are large areas of grass and picnic tables.

Sensory notes

Seating available

Picnic table

Picnic tables


If you want you can buy something from the shop before you leave.

Sensory notes


A shop

The shop