Jersey Museum Visual Story

When you arrive and come in

There are signs at the entrance to show you the way inside. You will enter into a large open space that has a café to your right, an exhibition space in front and our gift shop and ticket desk to your left.

There is seating throughout this space. This area can be busy and noisy. There may be a short queue and this area can be busy.

Sensory notes

Crowds – Loud noises – Smells (food) – Seating available – Café – Toilets – Hand-sanitiser

A large building with Jersey Museum and Art Gallery sign

Entrance to Jersey Museum

Free exhibition

The Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre – is the Island’s hub for information
on exploring how geology has shaped and influenced the Island we know today.

Free film

It is dark in the AV theatre and you can watch a film about the history of Jersey. It lasts
20 minutes.

Sensory notes

Crowds – Loud noises – Seating available – Lighting too bright or inconsistant

Jersey Museum couple look at geopark exhibition

Geopark exhibition

Ticket desk

You pay to enter the rest of the Jersey Museum at the ticket desk. There may be a short queue here.

Sensory notes

Crowds – Loud noises – Smells (food)

Man smiles at ticket desk

Jersey Museum ticket desk

Useful places

The Museum has four floors.

There is a café, stairs, a lift and toilets.

Sensory notes

Café – Toilets – Seating area – Crowds – Loud noises – Smells (food)

Tables and Chairs

The café at Jersey Museum

The first floor

This floor has a gallery space that is currently closed.

The second floor

This is a changing exhibition space. Every year it is different. Ask our Visitor Services Assistant on the ticket office what our topic is on at the moment.

Look out for the famous painting of Lillie Langtry on the second floor!

Sensory notes

Loud noises – Quiet area – Opportunities for touching – Lighting too bright or inconsistant

Wooden doors

Doors to the exhibition space

The Victorian House

This 19th century house has been restored to show how it would have looked in the past. You can look into each room but there are barriers to stop you going inside. Some areas are dark because of the gas lighting.  There is an audio visual screen in some rooms.

The Playroom

There are traditional Victorian toys and games which you can play with if you like.

Sensory notes

Seating available – Opportunities for touching – Lighting too bright or inconsistant – Smells (food)

A house in the style of a Victorian home

A room in the Victorian House

The gift shop

If you want you can buy something from the shop before you leave.

Sensory notes

Smells (food) – Loud noises – Opportunities for touching

A museum shop

The gift shop