Ouless paintings added to collection

Albert Pier Archway Bonne Nuit Chapel at Gorey Farm La Chaire, Rozel Plemont caves Plemont caves Portelet Bay Rozel Harbour Ruins of Grosnez Castle Postcard for St Aubins Bay

    A series of small but beautiful paintings by one of Jersey’s most highly-regarded 19th century painters, Philip John Ouless, has been added to the Jersey Heritage art collection.

    The 12 paintings, all watercolours apart from one in oil, were recently acquired by the charity through a private sale for £7,500. The series was valued at £15,000 but half of the cost was donated by the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous.

    Ouless (1817-1885) was largely known as a ship portraitist and his work is a key part of Jersey’s maritime history. However, the newly-acquired series of paintings, which are each about 10cm by 15cm in size, depict different locations in Jersey, including Albert Pier, Bonne Nuit Bay, the ruins of Grosnez Castle and Portelet Bay. The lone oil painting is of Mont Orgueil Castle.

    Helena Kergozou, Jersey Heritage Registrar, said: “Ouless was renowned for his accurate depictions of Jersey’s ships and we are proud to already have a number of his pieces in our collection. He painted with tremendous technical efficiency and he has used these skills to beautifully portray some of the Island’s most iconic locations in this series of paintings. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to acquire them and our thanks go to the owner, who effectively donated half of the series to us by reducing the sale price.”

    The newly-acquired paintings will be put on display in the ‘Story of Jersey’ exhibition at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery in the New Year.