9 March 1915

9 March 1915 -›

Published: 09/03/2015

The master of the SS Lydia claimed that an enemy submarine attacked his vessel this week while it was en route from Jersey to England....

2 March 1915

2 March 1915 -›

Published: 02/03/2015

The last ten days have been a whirlwind of activity as the Jersey Contingent made final preparations to leave the Island....

23 February 1915

23 February 1915 -›

Published: 23/02/2015

There was disruption in the communications between Britain and the Island this week due to a break in an undersea telegraph cable. It is not clear when it will come back into operation....

16 February 1915

16 February 1915 -›

Published: 16/02/2015

The big story of this week centres on States plans to meet the ongoing cost of defending the Island....

9 February 1915

9 February 1915 -›

Published: 09/02/2015

The rising cost of a loaf is cause for concern at the present time. While the wealthy may be able to absorb any price increases, the poorer members of Jersey’s society are vulnerable to changes in wha...

2 February 1915

2 February 1915 -›

Published: 02/02/2015

There are reports this week that another member of the Jersey Militia has died. Corporal Walter Cheney is understood to have passed away at the General Hospital of double pneumonia contracted while se...

26 January 1915

26 January 1915 -›

Published: 26/01/2015

Despite the recent cold weather, there appears to be no slowing down in generosity when it comes to supporting Jersey’s soldiers and sailors....

19 January 1915

19 January 1915 -›

Published: 19/01/2015

The Island’s pigeon fanciers discovered this week how the war is going to affect their activities....

12 January 1915

12 January 1915 -›

Published: 12/01/2015

There was confirmation this week of the death in action of another young Jerseyman. Jules Blondel, who was just 17-years-old, had joined the army before the war and was serving with the Dorsetshire Re...

5 January 1915

5 January 1915 -›

Published: 05/01/2015

Given its long association with Britain’s military, it is understandable that many former Victoria College pupils are presently serving in the armed forces....

29 December 1914

29 December 1914 -›

Published: 29/12/2014

A row has broken out between the military and the Parish of St Peter over work being carried out near the POW camp presently under construction in St Ouen’s Bay....

22 December 1914

22 December 1914 -›

Published: 22/12/2014

Despite the momentous events of the past four months, it appeared to be business as usual in St Helier this festive week....

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