Join the Société Jersiais e and Jersey He ritage tocelebrate the European Day of MegalithicCulture at La Hougue Bie.



La Hougue Bie Museum

Opening Times

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Join the Société Jersiaise and Jersey H ritage to celebrate the European Day of Megalithic Culture at La Hougue Bie.
Either follow our walk from Le  Hocq or make your own way to La Hougue Bie and enjoy theNeolithic activities on offer:
• Full access to the passage grave, chapels and museum gallery
• See the Neolithic longhouse project
• Food preparation and grain grinding
• Shell jewellery making
• Spinning and textiles
• Make your own clay pot
• Volunteer tour guide talks

Normal entry prices apply.  Free entry for Société Jersiaise and Jersey Heritage members.


The huge stones used to construct the passage grave at La Hougue Bie were sourced from different places on the island and transported here.There are 6 granite megaliths used in the construction of La Hougue  Bie that originated at Le Hocq. The biggest is the capstone above the entrance that measures 2.1m x 1m x 1.1m and weighs about 6.3 tonnes.
How heavy is 6.3 tonnes? It’s the equivalentof 1 adult woolly mammoth, or 4 cars, or16 Jersey cows.

We don’t know for certain how our Neolithic ancestors moved the stones from their coastal quarries inland to La Hougue Bie. The stones from Le Hocq were moved 4.4 km uphill from the beach to 90m above sea level, approximately along the walking route.  Download the walking map here (This walk is not guided, please use caution walking on the roads. Distance 4.4km with some uphill sections, duration 1hr).


The walk.......

........Begin at St Clement’s Parish Hall, Le Hocq
• Head east on La Grande Route de la Côte
• Turn left onto Rue du Hocq
• Continue onto Rue du Pignon
• Turn left onto Rue de Genestet
• Turn right onto Rue au Blancq
• Turn left onto Les Huriaux
• Turn right onto La Rue Soulas
• Turn left onto La Rue à Don
• Turn right onto La Rue de Radier
• Continue onto Le Boulivot de Bas
• Slight right onto Boulivot de Haut
• Turn left onto La Rue de la Parade/Le Coin du Boulivot
• Continue to follow La Rue de la Parade
• Slight right onto La Petite Rue du Nord
• Turn left onto La Route de Francheville
• Slight right onto Princes Tower Rd
• Turn left onto Rte de la Hougue Bie/B28
• Turn left into La Hougue Bie Museum