Come and meet the characters at Mont Orgueil Castle. Living History at the Castle takes place on selected days throughout the week from the start of May to end of September.



Mont Orgueil Castle

Story Teller

Wednesdays 10.30am

Come to the Lower Ward for dramatic storytelling at its best, with gossip and stories from the castle’s chequered history. Hear what it is like to live in the castle at a time when it was the centre of life in Jersey.


Castle Falconer

Thursdays 10am to 4pm

Meet Michaut, the Castle Falconer, and his hawk Sovereign. Discover how Michaut cares for and trains his birds of prey, and watch him perform the fascinating skills of medieval falconry. Learn what a ‘hoodwinked’ or a ‘haggard’ bird is, and who is a ‘cadger’ or a ‘boozer’. You’ll find Michaut and Sovereign in the Middle Ward.

On these dates only - 6 May, 20 May, 3 June, 17 June, 1 July, 15 July, 29 July, 12 August, 26 August, 9 Sept and 23 Sept.



10am to 4pm - Sunday 18 July

10am to 4pm - Sunday 29 August

Venture into the 15th century to discover life with the Medieval Companie of the Duke’s Leopards. As you travel around the castle meet the ladies, servants and soldiers & learn about medieval trades such as wool spinning & candle making. Find out about the bloody sieges and warfare, watch sword fighting. Experience the smells of 15th Century cooking and find out what people ate, or learn the art of calligraphy. These are just some of the things the Companie will introduce you to in this step back in time!



To avoid disappointment, you may want to call theCastle  before you visit to check on the day’s performance times. Tel: 01534 853292