Rarely-seen objects and documents on display as we invite you to ‘Meet the Collections'.

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23-11-2019 10:00 23-11-2019 16:00 36 Meet the Collections Visit http://www.jerseyheritage.org/whats-on/meet-the-collections for details Jersey Heritage info@jerseyheritage.org DD/MM/YYYY Sat 23 Nov 2019 10:00 - 16:00

Rarely-seen objects and documents will be on display as part of an exciting new series called ‘Meet the Collections’ at the Sir Francis Cook Gallery.

You'll have a chance to see, and hear the stories behind, a range of items usually kept behind closed doors in storage. All the items on display have been carefully chosen by the Collections team, who look after over 750,000 objects, textiles, archaeological finds and archive documents, including paintings, maps, volumes, parchments and electronic files – all representing different aspects of Jersey’s rich history.

These items are usually stored in purpose-built repositories at Jersey Archive and at the Augres Store behind Sir Francis Cooke Gallery. As part of the new ‘Meet the Collections’ series, the Collections team will be encouraging the public to ‘Adopt an Object’ to help fund vital conservation work.

These events are free and no pre-booking is required. 

Free parking at the Blacksmith Arms, which is next door to the Sir Francis Cook Gallery La Route de la Trinité, Jersey JE3 5JN

Saturday 23 November, 10am to 4pm  - Archaeology, from Ice Age to the Iron Age and Beyond

Jersey is an island rich in archaeological evidence created by generation upon generation of human activity. The archaeology collection which comprises material collected over the past 200 years reflects this fascinating story of Jersey’s human past. Amongst the collection are artefacts not just of local importance but there are many others of great international interest.


Come to our open day and see, displays of archaeological objects and archives ranging from as early as the Ice Age 250,000 years ago. The stone tools made and used by Neanderthals at La Cotte de St Brelade. And some of the bones of mammoths and rhinos that they butchered.


Other highlights include:

  • Artefacts recovered from the island’s important series of megalithic monuments which were excavated from as early as the mid-19th century, Including pottery, flint and other stone implements. Neolithic polished stone axes made by our first farmers 6,000 yrs ago.
  • The Bronze Age and Iron Age finds from Jersey consist mainly of hoards of weapons and coins some of the contents of which will be on display.
  • Recent new discovers shedding light on the Roman period will aloes be on view.


Learn about the importance of recording archaeological finds on the Historic Environment Record and what you should do if you discovery some archaeology whilst out walking or in your garden.  Meet a team of experts who are helping identify and record finds for our Historic Environment Record.  Bring along any objects that you may have found for identification and recording. Find out about the recent excavations at St Lawrence Church and see some of the discoveries.



A celebration of Jersey’s archaeology from the Ice Age to the Iron Age and beyond. A talk from Olga Finch, Curator of Archaeology Jersey Heritage


2.30pmDigital facial reconstruction of a young medieval woman excavated at St Lawrence Church, 2018.  A talk from Rosalind Le Quesne, Osteoarchaeologist, Underground.