Come to the Make Space and learn a new skill or craft. All the events are free to attend (normal entry fee applies).



Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

Instrument making

22 to 27 July 11am to 3pm

Get involved in Wild Garden Utopia's Japanese Knotweed Orchestra project. Learn how to make simple instruments using local plants and experiment with compositions. The Wild Garden Utopia project is presented in collaboration with The morning boat and supported by ArtHouse Jersey and the One Foundation.



5 to 9 August 11am to 3pm

Learn the craft of harestailing with artist Lucy Wright and help to create a series of sculptures celebrating the Battle of Flowers, the late float-builder Florence Bechelet and a unique floral tradition.


Cosplay costume making

10 and 11 August 11am to 4pm

Meet local Cosplayers Matt Le Marquand and Leigh Thorne as they work on their next creations. Be inspired to start your own costume and get some tips from the experts.


Paper cutting with Layla May Arthur

17 and 18 August 10am to 3pm - Pre booking required

Join artist and illustrator Layla May Arthur for a paper cutting workshop and learn how to use a scalpel to create beautiful designs. Explore how paper cutting can be used in different ways, such as to make short stop motion videos with paper cut creations.  An easy and meditative craft, visitors can use hand drawn templates or draw their own designs. The workshops are suitable for people of all artistic abilities.

There is a separate workshop on each day. Email to book a free space.


Jersey Apple Cider Quilt project workshops

28 September to 4 August - 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm

Take part in the Jersey Cider Apple Quilt community project by decorating four-inch squares of calico. An artist or craftsperson will be on hand to demonstrate and supervise techniques, such as fabric painting, embroidery or appliqué. Reference images and materials will be supplied. Decorated squares will eventually be stitched together to create a huge apple-themed quilt, which will be displayed at Hamptonne Country Life Museum. Suitable for all abilities.


Jersey Heritage Knitathon

14 to 19 October 11am to 3pm

Knitting a new Jersey. The artist Harald den Breejen is joined by local knitters and their knitting needles to create a new pattern for a traditional Jersey jumper that represents the Island of Jersey today. Come and watch them at work, discover more about Jersey jumpers, or join the knitting team! Presented in collaboration with The morning boat and supported by ArtHouse Jersey and the One Foundation.